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Example of a book report

Don't forget to send it in to check your English grammar. Do you want to write a good book report for your class work? The Chocolate Factory and Charlie (book report) - Our German site

Ever dreamt of a place where you can eat a ton of chocolates and the latest sweets? And if so, then Wonka's Schokoladenfabrik, from the following book, which I present to you, is just the right thing for you. One of my favorite books, Charlie and the Schokoladenfabrik, is an interesting children's novel by Roald Dahl from 1964.

It' about the extraordinary adventures of an everyday kid, Charlie Bucket, in Willy Wonka's big hotchpotch. In 2000, the book was awarded the Blue Peter Book Award and is considered a children's classics. At the beginning of the history, the plant has been closed for almost fifteen years, so it is very secretive to the people.

Willy Wonka, the proprietor, decided one of these days to allow five kids to come to the plant and pick one of them to take over his store one time. In order to be able to win the prize, the kids had to find one of the five "golden tickets" in accidental Wonka Bar. After that, folks begin shopping for Wonka Bar on a crazy quest for "golden tickets".

Augustus, Veruca, Violet and Mike, four children from affluent backgrounds, find the cards easy with the help of their parents'"power", and Charlie, who was borne in an extreme poverty, also got a break, perhaps because of his fate, perhaps because of happiness. The children got into difficulties during the tour:

Agustus drops into a big sea of chocolates and is aspirated into a whistle. At the end she gets very thin and is still coated with candy; Violet tries some of Wonka's experiential chewing jelly without Wonka's consent and turns it into a big whortle. Finally, all children, except Charlie, cannot gain possession of the plant because of their devour, self-righteousness, lust or TV-seeking.

Charlie is the only one who has not been seduced, is selected and receives the final award - one of these days he takes over Willy Wonka's big box of chocolates. For the other four, they still get Wonka chocolates and candy for a life, even though they all pay a premium.

They may think it's just another common children's book (and wonder why I like it so much). Though the book is very simple in writing, it teaches useful teachings to man. A major theme in history is the great gap between wealth and the poor:

Charlie is described by Dahl as a poor kid who was living in dire poverty: "The kid seldom has enough to eat, and he is sleeping on the ground with his folks every nigh. Veruca, one of the other children on the road, is completely rich. Your dad uses a great deal of cash to get Veruca a gold card just to fulfill his lovingly pampered daughter's wish.

This example alone clearly shows the difference between wealthy and wealthy. We can see from the history that all four children get harsh penalties for their behavior. Charlie, the good guy, is also "rewarded". Following all the tough times he had, he at last gets the opportunity to inspect the plant and even gains the owner in the end.

Although things may not be as easy in reality as storytelling, the storyline is still inspirational and it' still rewarding to think about. Check out Charlie, do you think he ever thought he could get a shot at the largest confectionery plant in the whole wide open, not to speak of even gaining possession of it?

It was Dahl who put the whole concept out in a very easy way for his students to comprehend what I really value. Dahl's history is very well-penned. Dahl can give even small babies what he wants to say. For me, the book is not only something you can see as a history, but also something you can teach as a lexic.

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