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Example of a university book report

Book reportages are very much loved, especially at universities. This kind of task requires one individual to summarise the book's storyline and the most important topics the writer has tried to communicate to the readers. So this example of a college book will deliver a specific example to raise consciousness of the nature of this particular kind of task.

A pioneering woman, Harriet Jacobs not only freed herself from humiliating enslavement, but also brought all her experience to an amazing autobiographic storyline entitled "Incidents in a Life of a Slave Girl".

Consequently, this book deals with the prospects of women in the US slave trade during the 19th centuries and presents a whole new side of the subject compared to similar works. Above all, the English eloquence that Jacobs used in her work may be the envy of only the vast majority of today's English-speaking people.

By using speech as an allegorical and symbolic tool, Jacobs succeeded in interpreting the touching destiny and horrible everyday life of African-American servants, especially women, who had to bear them only by being brought into the worid with an ethnic origin in Africa.

The book initially focuses largely on the subject of molestation and other forms of sexual harrassment that the black slave girls have been persecuted by the males. Brent, the main character of the tale, is an alter egos that Jacobs adopted in her book, which tells the writers in a proximate way, although it replaces real names with shallow ones.

Brent was not aware of the differences between herself and other kids until the time when the teachers started exploiting her work at the school. Brent had also been subject to day-to-day work and fieldwork on her master's estate, but attitudes towards her changed as she grew older.

Brent's extraordinary appeal led to her master's attempt to harass her, although there was an inhibitory element in the shape of Brent's grandma, who, although a former female servant, was a fairly respected figure in the city. In particular, the book emphasizes several nasty ways that Dr. Flint has used to deceive Brent or make her his sexual tools and the various mental issues that the former has evolved in view of his huge slaymasterhood.

More specifically, when Brent was maturing into a teenageress, Dr. Flint not only rages on her, but develops the custom of chasing her at different hours of the night and speaking terribly perverse words while no one is around. Afterwards, the main character of the tale emphasized that she felt like she was in a mental hospital or jail, where she was nowhere sure of the existence of Dr. Flint.

There was a lot of guts, calm and reasoning needed for Brent to stay through these torture and flee for a while. Since then, the plot has become complex and reveals many ways that Brent had to use to get away from her lord - a hiding place under the ground at a friend's home, her wife's plans to smuggle her kids away and take them to a specific place and others.

Especially the main character of the tale showed the amazing strength of will and perseverance to bear all these trials that Dr. Flint persecuted all over the land in his desire to oppress them and avenge their inobedience. But the book also unveils other themes, including the bonds of the slaves' families and the torture of the members of the families who were always willing to make sacrifices to give at least one of them liberty.

Jacobs also stressed that it was mainly the South Americans who practised such terrible practice and that the North Americans were more democratically and humanist. The book is, among other things, a request to the friendly peoples of the North to stop these horrors. Overall, Jacobs' work makes a substantial investment in the 19th c. story of US clavery.

It presents several actual cases that allow the readers to experience the mourning of the entire people of Africa -America, especially the women. After all, the inner minds of the feminine figures can be commended in the book for strength and self-control in the most heinous moments they have unwillingly dealt with.

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Memoir from the Slave Narrative Collection.

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