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The reading list contains the best books of all time, sorted by category. Lessons of literary elements with favorite chapter books. Tired of traditional book reports? This is a page for book lovers, offering a forum to discover and comment on the books and authors they like. Twelve age-appropriate but challenging books are recommended as compulsory reading.

25 alternatives to the book report

If, when you see the words "book reports", you see big eyes or listen to a lot of moaning, it's probably the right moment to stir up your book-related activity repertory. There are many alternative approaches to book reporting, from the development of chatroom-style discussions, to the creation of book cover designs and the creation of a pitch to "sell" Oprah to a favourite text.

Send a note to the primary and answer of the person. Put another end to the book. Act like you're a chat show presenter and interrogate the lead figure. Produce a booklet to post the storyline or scrarapbook pages about your keys. Make a book cover with illustration, a tempting summary, an author's biography and cheap book-books.

Combine the book into a cartoon or narrative for younger pupils or schoolmates. Make an essay about an important book-issue. If you were the protagonist in the book, tell us about the choices you would make. Dramatise a sequence from the history with other college kids or with dolls.

Publish a book review on Share What You're Reading. It' a book review. What You're Reader? Select two protagonists from the storyline and create a dialogue they could have. Send a note or e-mail to a dearly beloved one and recommend the book you have just finished. Create a new, uncommon or interesting word or phrase in your book.

Preparing a TV ad about your book. Do the promotion for your mates. Post ten chat-room-style quizzes to get the book discussed on-line. Or ask ten quizzes to test other students' comprehension of the game. Tell why you think this book will be finished in 100 years or not.

Be supportive of your opinions by reporting certain historical incidents. Talk about a particular part of the history you recall most. Send a letter/e-mail to the book's authors. Or check if the writer has a website and send it by e-mail. Create a balloon or track about the protagonists and happenings in your storyline.

Teach your school mates a playful readings of a book-scenes. Explain in detail three protagonists from the game. Create a new book jacket or placard that will be the highlight of the game. Do an acrostichon about the book by using the letter in the book name or the name of a person or writer.

Sketch a wall painting showing one or more large scenes from the book. Once you have read an information book, make a collective album about the themes.

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