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The book has many different types of reviews: documentary critiques, restaurants, Amazon critiques, musical critiques, and of course scholarly and non-academic book critiques. Whether long or brief, academical or fashionable, eating or filming, all critiques have a basic purpose: to make a recommendation. It is not enough to give a brief overview or give a shortcut, or even a debate about the writer or your view of the book: you must make a clear message (this is your theory, if you are wondering) about which audiences and with what interests you would profit from the book, and the remainder of the report must be proof of that theory.

At this point, the recommendation section you make next Monday does not have to be so detailed: just a fundamental explanation of the readership, the target group, the subjects a readership should be interested in (apart from the obvious), and the type of readership who should consider avoiding this book according to their interests and skills, despite some apparent reasons.


Textbook referrals are a great way to get children to talk about the tales they are reading. Irrespective of whether you are working on an author's report, need an book concept or just want to think about a book, this paper is the right one! I and my first graders have just completed an author's report on Mo Willems.

We' ve enjoyed our readings of Knuffle Bunny, The Pigeon Needs a Baths, Can I Playing Too? and many of his other works. The stupid and easily readable Mo Willems book quickly became my students' favourites! It was the ideal way to take advantage of Mo Willems' enthusiasm!

At the beginning I made a book recommendation for every kid in my grade (below) and a few extra items. So they would become POS if we were done and I put them on ad, but you could more readily press in monochrome instead.

Then I made an example book recommendation to show my pupils. So I chose a Mo Willems book that I had just reread to the whole grade a few nights earlier so that my children would have a clear example. As we had just been spending so much of our lives studying Mo Willem's work, many of my pupils referred to his work, but some other works were also made.

This resulted in a great debate in our classes about our goal of sharing our schoolbooks. So I slammed my example under our hover cam and showed the different parts of the newspaper. There was a trainee contributor who grabbed the book I suggested and we displayed both my book and my papers so that my pupils could trace it if necessary.

Eventually, I sent my children hunting in our teaching room archive. So, I encourage them to find a few ledgers they love and leaf through each one before they decide on one. When my pupils found the book they wanted to write a report on, I gave them a piece of writing and sent them to work.

It only took a few moments for my whole group to write about their favourite textbooks. We had my pupils work as long as they needed and a few day later we began to share our suggestions in front of the school. This was a great way for children to find other textbooks they wanted to study.

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