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Stats on the UK publishing industry, PA Sales Monitor, PA Stats Snapshots and Learning Resource Review. The number of book titles per country and year from different sources is listed on this page. Statistical database (accessible in the local network) provides a numerical profile of Latvian book publishing production, its quality and quantity. Industry statistics and trend reports. In the following you will find links to publishers of books and journals on the subject of statistics.

Publishing & Publishers

In this section on publishing, you will find a comprehensive view of the publishing markets, from sector information on businesses and sales to information on production and use. There are three major publishing categories: directories, newspaper and magazine. Sector indicators: The number of bookshops and kiosks, both physically and digitally, are available on our platforms, together with the proceeds from the various goods and offers.

You can find information about publishing and retailing market-leading companies such as The New York Times, Guardian, Gannett, Random House, Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million by turnover, occupation, quantity and number of new titles or titles per year. You can also access your selling and publishing information by categories or genres (e.g. textbook, religious, detective, non-fiction) and publishing formats (print, digitally, audio).

Usage of printed content: It also collects statistics on the production usage of the publishing sector. In addition, it presents information on the distribution, permeation and ranking of various publication.

U.S. Book Industry - Statistics & Facts

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Facts and statistics

Immediately after the publishing industry's IPA/WIPO Pilot Study was released, the 2017 poll ing exercise began. King Abdul Aziz Foundation has released its third edition of the book in Morocco. It provides information on the number of titles, language versions and the evolution of publishing companies in the state.

Publication spectrum comprises commerce, science and training. IPA-WIPO' s first collaborative trial will be released today. Some of these results and other recent papers explain the importance of collecting statistics for the publishing sector. From 2017, the Association of italian publishers (AIE) released good results, with the publishing in Italy rising by 5.8% to ?1.4 billion compared to 2016.

There are interesting developments in the publishing industry in Sweden, with a 1% drop in turnover through conventional publishing but a 4.2% rise when incorporating specialised publishing services such as subscriptions. In 2017, the FGEE, with the help of the Ministry of Culture, released a scoreboard of buying and selling in Spain.

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