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All new self-publishers I recommend it! Complimentary list of top book promotion sites for paid Kindle books in order of popularity to help you sell more books in less time. ANOTHER SIMON & CROWN PAGES. Most self-publishing sites offer one for you, but if you plan to publish all by yourself, you should purchase one for yourself. You can publish your book yourself on many pages.

MUSE Project - Modern Book Publishing: Websites for the trade

Handhelds and on-line tools have democratised the capacity to produce and disseminate text. While today's writers do not need to work with a publishers who are editing, designing, printing and distributing their works, the conventional publishers offer an entrenched means of reaching an audiences and a wide range of best practice, many of which can now be found on-line on the websites of retail organisations.

And as the new technologies continue to open up new ways from writer to editor, it also help to enhance the workplaces of experts by bringing on-line materials such as the Chicago Manual of Style and Books in Print. It provides information about the on-line resource available to editors, producers and distributors in the publishing sector and contains important branch related information pages.

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The research we publish reaches as broad a audience as possible..... We have a non-profit mandating agreement to ensure that the revenues are re-invested in the publications projects..... It works to conserve and enhance the spoken literature of tribal peoples by innovatively disseminating material on threatened tribal peoples' histories. Situated at the interface of humanities and language, the studies of spoken language is an interesting and evolving area, but has few publishers.

OBP's pioneering publication practice makes it possible for the first to spread these singular literature tradition. Further sponsors of this work are New York University, the New York Public Library, Stanford University and the British Museum. OBP and five other companies have joined forces in a new EU initiative.

The aim of this work is to provide a range of new OA monograph development across multiple platform systems, in particular the development of databases architectures and logs and the development of user information gathering and aggregate management systems. For us, this is the first step in an interesting new trend to further refine and approve our current OpenSource content management system and to allow an easier takeover by other and new OpenOperation publishing organizations.

to develop a publisher that does not depend on directly requested means to meet the cost of printing. We are pleased to be working on a research initiative that epitomises the OA philosophy by pooling our know-how, our ressources and our know-how throughout the entire syndicate to reach our goal: to provide free research to as many people as possible.

OEdition is a web gateway for e-ressources in the fields of arts and society with Open Access journals produced by a syndicate of over 160 publishing houses. Each of our books is included in the Directory of Open Access Books, which offers a browseable index of peer-reviewed books and collections that have been produced as part of an Open Access publishing house management scheme, with a link to the full text of the publication on the website or in the publisher's own research archive.

a US non-profit organization with the largest list of open textbook books on the Internet (over 700 titles), is about to upload all of our books to its website to give free admission to all of our online publications to school and college library in emerging countries.

Being part of the new Library For All in Rwanda we are looking forward to making our work available to the readership in Haiti, Cambodia, Mongolia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Oberpfaffenhofen is a founder member of the Pure Open Acces Alliance. Founded in 2013, Allianz is an alliance representing the main publishing houses that publish their entire lists in OA and promoting OA policy and best practice.

It fosters an advanced view of Open Publishers in the arts and society and shares the view of Open Acces as a mind of continuous creativity experiment. ý Open Accessibility organizations are networked.

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