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Publishing services

publishing services for publishers, agents, authors and brands. Nowadays, the big news is that there are high-quality publishing services that help you to publish your book in a high-quality yet cost-effective way. In contrast to some of our competitors, we offer a personal service. Therefore, we have not set any self-publication prices or packages. The decision to write or publish a book is an ambitious step.

SilverWood Books - Our Publishing Services

SilverWoods Publishing Services Packs prepares your work for press and takes efficient charge of everything from the delivery of your script to the submission of your artwork for proof. There is also support and follow-up if your book has been reprinted and released. Use the table below to help you select the service pack that best fits your needs.

You can also send us an e-mail and tell us more about your publishing house projects. For chatting through the features, please send an e-mail to the SilverWood staff or call us on 0117 910 5829. You can also choose to have a more extensive meeting with a SilverWood executive to set up a granular "publishing path" for your book.

Do you have a completed script that you would like to release as an eBook, paper back or hard cover?

Do you have a completed script that you would like to release as an eBook, paper back or hard cover? During the final phase of your voyage, we can help you make your book come alive. When you choose self-publication, we also have the know-how to make sure your book is skillfully formated, professional and stylish.

Do you need a couple of extra eyeballs to look over your book? In each phase, a qualified journalist will give you personal comment. No matter whether you require proof-reading, proof-reading or content processing, we are there for you. She took the liberty to study and comprehend my book and my way of typing before she worked on it.

The work with Katie has revived me to make my typing as good as possible. Are you prepared to take your letter to the next stage? Our services include book management and competent consulting. Our bookchairs will help you get back on the right path and help you to complete your literature, memoirs or non-fiction books.

Self-publication of your book

Our services include book and book covers designs. Once you have authored your own book and taken the path of self-publication, we can take care of the book layouts and artwork. Once you have finished your own book, you will want to be sure that it will look just right when your book is out.

Irrespective of whether you want to release your book in pocketbook, hardcover or eBook formats, we have the ability, expertise and creative ability to support you on your trip to self-publishing. We' ll lay out your pocket book, hardcover book or eBook so that you can send it to the publishing houses. Using our book-lay-out services and/or book-cover designing services, you get a professional-looking book.

They can then forward them to publishing houses such as Lulu, CreateSpace or any other self-publisher or printers. We can also organise a special edition if you would like to have a few of your own books made. The most important thing perhaps is that you can talk to a true person while we prepare your book.

We provide solid packs for our book-lay-out services and book-cover-designing services that are suitable for most self-publishing author. We are, however, ready to put together a package tailored to your particular needs. For example, if you can create most of the book layouts and covers yourself, but get caught up in a particular topic, you can rent our services at an annual fee.

We also provide an eBook services for Kindle and most other eBook websites such as Kobo, Nook, iTunes and Playstore.

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