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According to the International Publishers Association, the British book market is the fifth largest in the world after the USA, China, Germany and Japan. Publishers include companies that publish books, brochures and maps in printed, digital or acoustic form. Some of the oldest and most respected book publishers in the world are based in the United Kingdom. Quickly and easily understand the book publishing industry. Do you need book publishing of industry data?

British book market

Members of PA have free entry to PA's Statistical Almanac, which includes home and overseas home and overseas purchases of the UK publishers' natural and electronic accounts and the underlying half-yearly PAs. Non members can buy the book in our on-line bookstore.

Recordbreaking year for UK Publishing up 7% to £4.8bn

The Publishers Association's numbers published today show that 2016 was a landmark year for the publishing sector, with book and magazine revenues at £4.8 billion, the highest ever. This 7% year-on-year revenue gain is the highest rate of revenue expansion in a ten-year period, during which 2007 was digitally recorded for the first time.

The sector's expansion was driven by domestic and international performance, with exports increasing by 6% to 2.6 billion and now accounting for 54% of overall turnover. Stephen Lotinga, directeur général de l'Association des éditeurs, sagte : "UK Publishing is a global market-leading publisher and these numbers show that the sector thrives on the dedication and imagination of its outstanding publishers and employees.

"We have all at some point in our life benefited from the work of a great writer, a high standard text book or the exchange of scientific books, and this is only possible through the continuing popularity of the publishing world. Registered members can view the full PA Publishing Yearbook 2016 by clicking on the following links.

Export-turnover is particularly strong among scientific and research publishing houses. In many other areas of the publishing industry, too, export growth has been significant: How will it work with electronic distribution? In 2016, there was also a significant increase in revenues from digitized products, which reflects publishers' significant investments in new technologies.

Entire digitised revenue rose 6% to 1.7 billion, accounting for 35% of totat. What is the state of affairs in the field of C-Publishing? All in all, the development of our publishing business was good, increasing by 5% to £1.8 billion. Fictitious selling declined by 7% to 525 million, which means that the class has declined by 23% since 2012, which means a further delay in CPI.

What is the state of affairs in pedagogical publishing? What is the state of scientific publishing? Republishers Association (PA) is the UK publisher of books, magazines, audiovisual and e-journals, including literature and non-fiction, as well as scholarly and pedagogical publications. Membership includes major corporations such as Elsevier, Wiley, Pearson, Penguin Random House, Hachette and university publishing as well as many independently owned publishing group.

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