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One of the dirty little secrets of the publishing industry is that practically every new work of fiction and non-fiction that comes onto the market today is a piece of garbage. The" Bible" of the American book industry is Publishers Weekly. Gain background information on the book publishing industry to gain a better understanding of what it's like to work in this field. The book publishing house is a huge and globally growing industry. In the book publishing industry there is a complete industry and value chain for the internal operation of the printing press.

This is a tough year for the UK publishing industry as it is growing to £4.4 billion.

Recent pictures released today by the Publishers Association show that the UK publishing industry is in good health with overall sales or book and magazine publication up to 4. ý4bn 2015. These numbers also revealed Britain's romantic scandal with the print book is far from over, as for the first since the invention of the e-book, overall book turnover rose, while digitised turnover declined.

Textbook total book retail grew 9% to 319 million, with both domestic and international gains in tangible and electronic products. Audio book downlaod had another good year with 29% increase in 2015. Annotating, the Chief Executive Officer of the Publishers Association, Stephen Lotinga, said: "The numbers show that the British publishing industry is growing stronger and the passion for printing is far from over.

"While digital is still an unbelievably important part of the industry, it looks like there is a place in the hearts of consumers for the esthetic pleasures that print may have. "The British publishing industry is the global leader in export, but last year's small decline shows how important it is to have security in our relations with our main market.

"The year 2015 was a great year for magazine launches and shows the power of academia in developing new cutting-edge businesses that will help maintain the UK's role as a centre of research excellence globally. "Achievements in the education sector, which have seen increasing revenues in all forms, both at home and abroad, are evidence of the excellent training resource that the UK is continuing to provide.

Said Ed Vaizey MP, Minister of State for Culture and Digital Economy: "This is a great track record in the UK publishing industry and I am pleased that the industry continues to thrive. It is £10. ý2bn a year to the UK business, and these latest pictures are welcome newsworthy, especially in a year when we celebrate one of Britain's most renowned literature export, William Shakespeare.

UK book and magazine publishing industry grown by 1. 3% from 4. 3-bn in 2014 to 4. 4b in 2015. This figure represents the turnover of the publisher's bill. Physical disposals were by 0. 4% to 2,760bn in 2015 from 2,748 in 2014, which was the first increase in four years.

 Digital Sells were down 1. 6% to 554m in 2015 from 563m in 2014, which was the first drop in seven years (when such sells were first recorded). In 2015, book exports totalled 1.42 billion (42% of book revenues), down slightly from 2014, with two third of this coming from a mix of learning, study and ELT (English Language Training).

Increases were achieved in the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and South America. With a share of over 35% of the UK book exports, Europe is still the UK publishing industry's most important exporter revenue.

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