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Pages in category "Book publishers headquartered in London" Academica Press. UK publishers in the city of London, UK. Publisher located in London After all, every single one of these days should be really relaxed, but everyone will always go through the stress of the time. Nowadays it' s not about just chilling out all the time, it is about learning all the hints and ups and downs on how to chill out every time. It was Book Lovers Sunday last weekend!

In celebration of these magnificent beings, here are some facts you may not know yet!

Independent publisher since 1969

The Hurst Group is an independent non-fiction publishing company located in the centre of London, in the centre of Bloomsbury. Established in 1969, Hurst today annually releases ninety volumes that build on our strength in African studies, Islam and Near East studies, Southern Asian studies, war and conflict studies, politics and more. On the occasion of the day of the refugee movement, we at Hurst have compiled a collection of publications about the refugee and migration around the globe.

Three of the five Near East sides participating in this year's World Cup in Russia have promised to take the region's complicated and chaotic policies with them.

Independent Bookshop London | Philosophy & Indie Bookshop

Hispanic Walwyn is an independant publishing house in southwest London. The first book was released in 1972. It is our goal to find a book that has a permanent value and nourishes you. In the following you will find the major category in which we have posted. What is special about these works is that they are produced according to genuine Calligraphies and illustrations.

Wonderfully illuminated are beautiful presents and souvenirs; as editors, we strive to find and make available to a broader public some of the world' s most precious stones. We' ve supported a number of lovable historical and biographical writings. Being one of the premier independent publishing houses in London, we are full of compliments for one of the greatest authors of all times.

Poetics was identified as the best words in the best order. We' re always looking for inspiring and touching volumes of poems, because poesy is one of our specialties. Or, if you would like to talk about the volumes and text we have supported, call us today on 020 8241 5927.

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