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in A Strange Object, Austin, TX, USA. The Austin-based start-up company specializes in cloud computing. The publisher is Texas Verlag, which sells and publishes books, as well as self-publisher Houston. Pages in category "Book publishers headquartered in Texas". The TCK Publishing is an international publishing house specializing in mass market books.

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Abram' s awareness trends is an innovator in the publishing of quality-oriented curricula and supplementary material for early infancy up to Class 5, on the basis of the Common Core State Standards. Publication of textbooks for combative or hesitant audiences, children's character-building textbooks and graphical novel. Publishes factual and literary works independently.

Appears approx. 4 publications per year. The Pennsylvania Literary Journal (PLJ) was founded in 2009 as a scientific journal. In the meantime Anaphora has released more than 240 original and non-fiction works. Founded in 1984 and with over 850 publications and a combined print run of over 5 million copies, Antarctic is one of the biggest comic book publishers in the United States.

Oldest and biggest publishing house for Hispanic books in the USA. The Autonomous Press produces both novels and non-fiction. We are particularly interested in publishing writers whose votes are generally marginalised by the majorstream. Writers who work so radically in one way or another that traditional scholarly or literary publishing houses are afraid of touching them.

The Baskerville Publishers Inc. The Baskerville Publishers, Inc. is a publisher of unusually interesting literature for serious musicians and humanists. Founded in 1897, Baylor University Press produces about thirty new publications every year for scientists, college and college graduates and intellectuals. Baylor University Press also has a top programme in the field of religions, which includes outstanding works of critique in the fields of arts, psychology, rhetoric, politics, literature critique, public education, public education, public education and more.

Publish the best possible resource to help you and your loved ones in the twenty-first century. The Belgrave Houses offer books from earlier (paper) publications. We' re especially known for female fantasy, mystery, contemporary, historic and para-normal romantic. But BenBella is a fast-growing, marketing-oriented publisher whose succes is founded on a few basic principals.

Our selection of securities is made with caution. We also offer agressive, imaginative advertising for every song we do. Founded in 2006, Black Rose Writing offers novels in the fields of novels, non-fiction and children's book, all of which have one thing in common: the uniqueness and toughness of the text. The brewery's Publications is the biggest editor of modern and pertinent brewery publications for today's artisan and domestic brewer.

In order to accomplish this task, we choose a number of publications that are of relevance to home browsing, the profession of the brewer, the establishment of a breast brewer, the establishment of breweries, certain types of beers, branch tendencies, additives, processes and occasionally the broad interest of our community in the boiling or history/effect of beers. The Brown Boooks Publishing Group, established in 1994, is an independant full-service publishing house for high-quality literature of all kinds.

An affiliate of Brown Publishing Group, the agency provides high-quality PR, sales and Marketing support to Brown writers and non-affiliates. Bulletin Publishing is a publishing company specialising in intelligent, modern romanticism. The CBAY ( "Children's Bräins are Yummy") Book is a publishing company based in Dallas, Texas.

All of our publications are high-quality childhood imaginary and sci-fi stories - the kind of book a child hides under a blanket to spend a long time reading. Though we mainly concentrate on stories for older and youngsters, we are producing some of our works for youngersters. This is the place to be if you have a child who likes reading with common folk who have found themselves in unusual circumstances.

Separate book publisher: with subtle multi-cultural books for grown-ups, young grown-ups and kids. We' re a publishing house that specializes in YA and NA books. Book Resources, LLC quickly and easily releases recipe books for families. Dalkey Archive Press was established in 1984 and is a non-profit publishing house at the University of Houston-Victoria dedicated to publishing the best modern books from around the globe.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Dalton Publishing is an independently owned publishing house. The Eakin Press produces stories and biographical material from Texas, Old West literature, children's literature, novels and non-fiction. Gecko concentrates on new and up-and-coming writers and great novels that would otherwise have no way to see the light at all.

All of our publications are published in hardback, softcover and e-book format (both Kindle and ePub) as well as in audio book and multilingual versions. Formerly Pharmasoft Publishing, Hale Publishing has been working for the nursing group since 1992. Specialized in delivering high-quality breast-feeding textbooks and material, trusted drug and research update through our regular newsletters and an ongoing yearly meeting focusing on cutting-edge research on breast-feeding.

He specialises in historic Texas literature for young people. The Henery Press is an award-winning publishing house in the mystery/suspense category that focuses on exciting tales with hot turns and vibrant personalities. HereHerophant Publishing is a book publishing house for mind, spirit and spirit. It is our aim to release words that have been inspiring by the silence that transcends itself, awakening the Hierophants in you.

Hopkins Publishing aims to help both the author and readership get involved in the pages of literary work by making this encounter accessible and attainable. IPL is striving to produce the best in the written and listening world. Publishers specialising in scientific schoolbooks.

Title in Biochemistry, Ph. LANGMAR Publishing began over twenty years ago mainly as a publishing company for religious ressources and inspirating/motivating works. Langmarc is now the proud home of a series of exceptional writers' and nonfiction writers' work. They are men and woman who lead their careers and contribute to literature literacy by writing stories, healing textbooks and inspiring book.

The Leafwood Publishers was established in 2000 by C. Leonard Allen in Orange, California. Leafwood Publishers was acquired by Abilene Christian University Press in 2005 and moved to Abilene, Texas, where it is currently now. The book has publications ranging from theological to Christian life. The MonkeyBrain Books is an independant media specialized in sci-fi and phantasy books and non-fiction.

The Octane Press releases award-winning volumes of images and stories that appeal to smallholders. Established by long-time book journalist and writer Lee Klancher, the firm places great emphasis on editing excellence and works with the best in the industry to make sure our readership finds exactly the information they need. At Outlaws Publishing we are a Western Fiction publishing house.

It is our objective to make the publishing expertise available to all writers free of charge. Commemorating this year' s festival, we are proud to present a large selection of award-winning comic strips and children's music. The Praeclarus Express is a media devoted to the promotion of women's wellbeing. It is our objective to release works that make a difference to women's lifestyles.

The Prufrock Press is the country's premier publishing house that supports the training of talented and experienced students. With more than 500 tracks, we offer educators and students interesting, research-based insights for talented, intermediate and disabled people. The TCU Press strives to broaden the key role of the U.S. by discovering, developing and disseminating information through the publishing of significant, pertinent and groundbreaking publications in the fields of Texas and Western American literary and historical research, with a strong emphasis on the exploration and conservation of regional histories.

The Texas Tech Univerity Press, the university's book publishing bureau since 1971 and a member of the Association of American Univerity Presses since 1987, promotes research and science through the publication of literature and journal. It is the task of the press to spread the fruit of science in as many different ways as it serves the widest constituencies of the universities in the whole country, the country and the whole time.

Each year the press releases 25 to 30 new publications and has around 400 printed publications. Press has listings of U.S. freedom and fairness; costumes and textiles study; Texas and Western Texas and Western history as well as the Great Plains and contemporary Southeast Asia during and after the Vietnam War; Judaic study and literary; American-Latin American fiction; natural and scientific sciences; and sports in the Occident.

Furthermore, the media has published several scientific magazines, young reader serials, the Walt McDonald First-Book Competition in Poetry, and Texas and Western poetry novels. The Trinity University Media produces engaging, inspiring and informative textbooks. Well-known for their excellent and award-winning works that have contributed to cultural and educational excellence in the following areas in particular: Landscapes and the Environments, Texas, Mexico and the Southwest, Publications, and Architectural and Cities.

Incorporated in 1987, the UTPC first book was released in 1989. Although we are the newest academic newspaper in North Texas (after SMU and TCU Press), we have quickly developed into a leader with the most printed publications (more than 300) and publications (15 to 16 per year).

We are fully accrediated members of the Association of American University Presses. All of our products are sold and sold through the Texas A&M University Press Consortium, both domestically and abroad. Published by freelance artists, novelists, fiction, poems, thrillers, horrors. White Bird Publications, LLC. is a privately owned publishing house located in Texas.

Whitebird releases children's literature, youth titles and gender-fiiction. Zuaya produces pocket and e-book publications in all common styles and catagories.

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