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Publishers in Pennsylvania

Browse or search our list of book publishers in Pennsylvania by category or location. We' re a publisher of hardcover, trade paperback and ebooks based in Pennsylvania. We have a strong catalogue of titles on cooking, travel, gardening and history, but we also publish biographies, local reference books and books on health. Annotated list of book publishers in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh-based AutoNum House Press is a non-profit publishing house.

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Capability to do computer work such as text processor, scan, database search, e-mail, publishing and spread sheeting....... Shipping publishing house GmbH Collaborate with editors, acquisition, marketing and distribution, external providers and advertising agencies as needed. Business Writer is an initial role in the development, research, maintenance, modeling, and publishing of workflows and/or business process.....

We' re a publishers of hardcovers, paperbacks and e-books with our headquarters in Pennsylvania.

We' re a publishers of hardcovers, paperbacks and electronic papers with our headquarters in Pennsylvania. At present we have over 250 writers and 500 publications in various managements groups. All of our products are distributed through bookstores around the world. There is also a team of gifted people, which includes writers, book design, graphics and marketing.

At the moment we are publishing under six different prints. The Milford House Press is our main ruse, which includes secrets of murders and espionage stories. The Brown Posey Press is our fictional literature and our own creatively printed non-fiction. Under this legal notice we also release our artwork and musicals. Bright Books is our print of horrors, psycho-thrillers and fantasies.

rs Metaphysica is our new, divine era, supernormal and transcendental notion. The Speckled Egg Press is our youth literature and non-fiction edition.

Publishers in Pennsylvania

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President and CEO Marsha is a publisher with a unique publishing philosophy... she works with every business, group and individuals to achieve the bottom line that YOU want, while bringing her local knowledge and talents to every one. Working with writers, events managers, global companies and diverse professionals, Marsha has created tailor-made solutions to fit and surpass their needs....every time!

She knows how to put together the publishing house pack... she knows how to publish it from inside and outside, from top and bottom, from top to bottom.

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