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Industry-leading publishing house Indigo River Publishing tries to seamlessly combine print and digital printing. The Anadara Press is a new independent press specialising in the production of books on natural history. CHRISTIAN: Jeff Brown & Assoc Inc. This is our Florida Book Publishers Listings, and we are honored to have publishers from the great state of Florida.

We' re working very hard on the expansion.

Florida Book Publishers - Book Publishers Directory

A new, independant journal specialized in the production of textbooks on the subject of nature conservation. Atlantic Publishing has been offering information to help stimulate career development, create companies, administer people, make investments, retire, understand technology, develop relations and lead a fulfilled life for over 25 years.

All of our award-winning writers and employees are committed to keeping our product up-to-date. The BHP is a non-fiction publishing house mainly concerned with the biography. The first publishing house for lively and compelling novels for and about dykes. Bella Books, from heart-rending romanticism to enigma, eroticism and thrillers, celebrates the next-door girl, the best of girlfriends, the passion of our lives and the super-woman who lives in us all.

A not-for-profit, freelance publishing house located in Orlando, Florida, Burrow Press is dedicated to publishing the best of new and acclaimed writers' modern books and promoting the Orlando and Florida literatures world. The Canterbury House Publishing, Ltd. CHP, produces high-quality novels and memoirs of inspiring natural beauty and romance, focusing on colourful South American regions.

We release a brandnew little novel every weeks, which you can view for free. Our publications also include high calibre literature with a focus on new, fresher vocals. The Dreamspinner Press is an internationally full-service publishing house for romanticism in the United States of America. Dream Spinner Press, specialized in homosexual romanticism; Harmony Ink Press, dedicated to LGBTQ+ Teen and New Adult Film; and DSP Publications, a special category novelty publishing group.

The DSP Publications is a shop publishing company for historic, sci-fi, fantasy, mystique, fright, supernormal and sacred notions. Publicises law textbooks for the lay public. High school. While we welcome shows on all topics, shows with explicitly grown-up contents or graphic definitions do not suit our markets. The European Geeks is a small publishing company specializing in sci-fi and fantasy in Children's, Young adults, New adults and adults.

Florida Historical Society Press is preserving Florida's past by publishing rare literature on a broad range of subjects related to the varied histories and cultures of our state. Of course, we are publishing non-fiction and our aim of making Florida's story accessible to the broadest possible public is also achieved through the publishing of scientific research-based stories.

Educators and pupils find that our high-quality fictionalised reports on Florida's past awaken the past to live and make historical happenings, places and peoples more open and "real". "In addition, we are publishing works on Florida's rich cultural and historical heritage, including paintings, cookery and photographs.

We also have exclusivity and non-exclusivity for certain types of publication in the UK, Europe, Australia, etc. The Great Outdoors Publishing Company is an independant book publishing and wholesale company that specializes in local literature on wild animals, natural and historical Florida. Founded in 1913, it was included in the Finney Company's 2009 edition.

We have established ourselves as the Florida publishing house's leading publisher with over 50 of our own Great Outdoors catalogues and nearly 400 magazines sold. HCI has set itself the task of supplying the reader with high-quality literature and distinguishes itself on the open book publishing as well as "publishing people". Those writers are meticulously chosen to encourage the reader to realize their dream, to enjoy life in profusion, to receive comfort when necessary, and the curative powers of smile.

As well as our historic stories, we have released a number of award-winning manuscripts, great modern and mysterious stories, heartbreaking Christendom stories, young adults' imaginations, our first must have non-fiction, our first stimulating book for young adults, and even a children's book. Editor of textbooks and textbooks for adults.

Indigo River Publishing's unparalleled strategy enables us to maintain the level of production excellence of large publishers while staying small and agile enough to stay at the forefront of the game. Ensuring the health of our products, delivering the highest qualitiy book and focusing on the most efficient book campaigns.

The Indigo River accept for release living and full of vitality, with powerful voice and good news. Owneritance Press is an impartial publishing house based in Lake Mary, Florida. Originally founded to promote the works of its creator, Inheritance Press sometimes releases works by writers with similar interests and profession.

The micro-publisher Jitney Books focuses on the production of works by regional storytellers. Our goal is to fill a gap by supporting aspiring and mid-sized publishers who are not able to link with the realm of publishing. The Jungle House Publications is devoted to the provision of instructive and enjoyable animal tales for children from 5 years of age.

Our publications include crime thrillers, ghosts, anthologies and history series. We' re also releasing fun nightmares. The NWPII journal and book publications come from writers around the globe. We have focussed solely on non-fiction on the natural sciences, sea creatures, the natural and environmental protection. As one of the most rapidly expanding freelance publishing houses in the United States, Oceanview is considered one of the outstanding freelance publishing houses for unique mysteries, thrillers and exciting publications.

Specialized in the publishing of unitary stories, veterans' auto biographies, brief stories antologies and romances with a pathriotic army thematic. Editor of a number of spanisch speaking textbooks on astronomy, sanity and macro-biology. The company is an impartial company committed to supporting healthcare organisations in educating their community and doctors about Palliativmedizin, home nursing and End OF Life care with a broad pallet of articles, from mark folders and clinical Newsfl? rern up to soft saddle handles.

The Rainbow Company, Inc. released its first book in 1979, Child-Snatched by Margaret Strickland, a pioneer achievement that drew our nation's attention to the fact that kids were not legally safe when an enraged mother and father abducted their own one. Throughout the years, Rainbow has released literally a hundred titles, mainly in the self-help and instructional sections.

For more than 35 years, Ralph Curtis and Publishing has specialized in the publishing of animals and guidebooks with reptiles, birds, mammals and itineraries. Based in Sanibel, Florida, Ralph Curtis is offering a large selection of publications targeted at wild life enthusiasts and travelers.

Most of the publications are the US issue in collaboration with New Holland Publishers of London, England. Publication of eroticism in different subgenres. Red Sage Publishing, Inc. has established its fame since 1995 by publishing exquisite, challenging and sexy romanticism. Our first book of anthologies, a collection of four narratives by Bonnie Hamre, Alice Gains, Jeanie LeGendre and Ivy Landon, Secrets Vol. 1, was released in 1995 as the first publishing house for sexual-romanticism.

They are the trailblazers of female eroticism. Dedicated to excellence and sensuousness, we're always looking for great characters, steaming storylines, elaborate plot and strong personality evolution, regardless of gender or subgenres, and we know that when an writer is writing what he loves and the reader will heed! Since 1980, Rourke Educational Media LLC has published attention-grabbing and dedicated non-fiction textbooks for kids that comply with local curricula.

Now Rourke Education Media provides state-of-the-art media tools for the scientific, civic and other education communities. Rourke also works with major education and retailing companies to licence and design worldwide education programmes. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Santillana USA is one of 22 affiliates of Grupo Santillana, the biggest education publishing house in the Spanish-speaking area.

We work with writers, educators, editors and pupils to develop teaching material that meets the needs of today's U.S. undergraduates. We are an innovating, long-established book publisher dedicated to bringing well-written titles to market. Specialized in new and aspiring writers, we make works that live up to and even surpass your requirements!

The SYP Publishing supports southern writers of literature and non-fiction throughout the Southeast. The Spinsters Ink's missions are to provide literature and non-fiction dealing with important topics in the everyday lifes of lesbians. Those are not only important topics, but above all they promote changes and economic development. The Spinsters Ink is dedicated to publishing works by all ages, races and cultures, from all walks of humanity, even the peripheries.

The Spinsters Ink was bought by Bella in 2005. The Stone Fly Press has published a number of booklets that lead on to the best in the world of the best fly-fishing and recreational angling, balancing their passions with their commitment to cleaner and safer fishery. Tomas-Jacob Publishing, LLC is a one-off family-run publishing house established on two fundamental principles:

The reader wants high-quality textbooks that inspire thought-provoking discussions and debates, and the author needs an open and trustworthy relationship with the publishing house. This is a small new publishing house in the south-east that produces non-fiction and self-help literature, enthralling literature (no science fi xtures or fantasy) and occasionally illustrated textbooks. The Triad Group produces consumer and medical literature (and more).

Triad has been offering you high class work from top professionals in their field since 1971. LBGT freundlich, a general interest and publishing house specialising in: literature, non-fiction and LBGT, as well as children's literature. Universal Publishers is a book and magazine publishing house and mother of three specialized publishers of textbooks and academics (Universal-Publishers, BrownWalker Press &

We' re looking for non-fiction writers whose works are aimed at a specialist public. As a return service for the sales and marketing opportunities, we provide a wide range of publishing opportunities, large-scale sales, equitable remuneration, several press releases and individual support. University of Tampa Press expands the University's education mandate by publishing works of science, creative and local interest.

He has published widely disseminating the results of his work to a broad public of serious readership inside and outside the university. Only book-length poems entered for the Tampa Review Prize for poetry are considered and extracts are infrequent.

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