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The University of Chicago Press - University of Illinois Press. University and general publishing house. Online-ordering of catalogues, secure online ordering, information about our books, magazines and services. In recent years, consolidation has consumed most of the local Chicago book publishers in the region. Find out why shop for Christian books and Bible study resources, knowing that your purchase helps to finance the education of students for service.

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The Abigail Press Inc. The Abigail Press is a publisher of high-quality textbooks for high school and university education in the areas of historiography, politics, sociology, womens research and related areas of research. Established by Mann and Frau Jordan and Anita Miller, Academy Chicago Publishers has released over two hundred works and is still accepting entries.

AKP is one of the oldest publishing companies in Chicago. In 1957 ACTA Publications began publishing textbooks and audio/video materials for teaching and preparing for marriages in Catholics. Published under three imprints: SURREY, which concentrates on foods, eating, nutrition and entertainment; B2 and Bolden publishing businesses, which produces literature and non-fiction works by Afroamerican writers.

ACRATIC PRESS (ACP) is a publishers of hymnbooks and other material for the Roman Catholic Church. The Anchorage Press Play's online catalog contains screenplays for young audience performances (TYA), children's and familiy theater, high schools and grammar schools, as well as the anthology of theater pieces and make-up designs, creativity pedagogy and theater textbooks for the university.

Maca Pacis is a publisher of poems, brief literature compilations, novel, anthologies, memoir, re-prints of neglected classical works, articles and reviews, travelling journals and guidebooks as well as texts on philosophical, societal and culturally relevant topics. The company specialises in floriculture and horticulture as well as home and landscape gardening publications.

Editor of classic study titles in Latin, Greek, mythological, classic and epic languages. Select your own adventure-style fairy tale on the basis of classic theology. The Bottlecap Press is a thousand year old publishing group committed to copyright and equitable payment, with the main aim of highlighting the worrying, frustrating, artistic humanity. All of our poems, novels, chapbooks and full-length literature are handmade on request.

The Bottlecap Press is always looking for new materials and is active in manuscripts for chapterbooks and full-length works, video for our YouTube and poems and literature for our blogs. The Breckling Press is an award-winning publishing house for lavishly pictorial, high-quality works of art about folk craftsmanship, developed for a wide range of creatives from beginners to enthusiastic enthusiasts.

Established in 1981, BRITTANY PAUBLICATIONS, Ltd. is a Chicago-based firm specializing in literature, women's representation and communication. is a collegiate journalism organization based in Decatur, Illinois. We expose our clients to the publishing processes by linking the principles of authoring, publishing, editorial and design with the practical management of a book publishing group.

Editor of specialist journals and course book in the fields of biomedicine, behavioural science, pedagogy and specialised pedagogy, languages and listening as well as physiotherapy and long-term nursing. He is also one of the biggest book publishers in all areas of prosecution and prosecution. Sherry-House Press releases both new and experienced writers.

You will also be publishing manuscripts. Their aim is to help all "little boys" who want to make a name for themselves with their work. The Chicago Review Press is an impartial publishing house established in 1973. In the course of the years we have developed into a vibrant medium-sized publishing house with more than 900 publications in printing.

Currently we are publishing around 60 new copies under five prints per year: The Chicago Review Press, Lawrence Hill and Zephyr Press, Ball Publishing, Zephyr Press und Academy Chicago. The Chicago Review Press writes general articles on a variety of topics ranging from literature on literature, films, popular sciences, biographies, history and travelling to an award-winning series of children's literature.

He has published articles on issues of interest to Afro-Americans, gradual policy, Near East research andeminism. Specializing in gardening textbooks, Zephyr Press releases a range of educational publications for professionals. Dramatic Publishing has been a publishing house since 1885 dedicated to the creation and support of the writers, performers and pedagogues who make up theater.

Dreams of Things is an independant publishing house established in 2009. Dreams of Things is a member of the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) and the Midwest Institute of Newspapers. Education Educational Directorsies Inc. provides the latest information about educational institutions in the United States. Headquartered in Chicago, this independently owned publishing house focuses on fine arts and cultural activities.

The Front Forty Press Projekt is a creative and topical work. The GIA is the abbreviation for Quality Media Management. Each year GIA participates in 49 fairs, among them musical teaching manuals and scores and books. G-W publish both printed and electronic textbook materials and also produce on-line classes and other teaching materials that offer a full class-room approach.

Grey Sky Publishing is a private, family-run publishing house specialising in novels of horrors and romances. We' ll release eBooks and short stories if the footage is 100% genuine. Our goal is to offer our readership a first-class, clinking nightmare and tempting romatic contents and to offer the selected writers an outstanding read.

Editor of university publications on the topics of policy and governance, welfare work and dissent. The Haymarket Book is a non-profit, radically new book publishing house, a Center for Economic Research and Soc. Change proj. The Heimburger Haus is based on the publication and offer of the best railway manuals. You have to be of high qualitiy and have a specific topic that addresses our clients.

The mission of Human Kinetics is to provide high-quality information and education in the areas of exercise and healthcare that meets the needs of our various clients. Throughout the years we have released over 500 reference works and teaching materials to train pupils from nursery school to school. We have also created a number of user manuals and video clips to help consumers get in shape and improve their game.

Inside Comics is a publishers of works of artwork belonging to the author. Our goal is to produce the best of what is young and thrilling in the cartoon world. Only interested in publishing fully realised artistic works, Insane Comics needs a full creativity crew (author, artists and colorist).

The InterVarsity Press is a non-profit publishing house committed to the universit y, the churches and the whole know. J.S. Paluch Corporation Inc. is committed to service Catholics, colleges and congregations in the United States. KAZAI Publications, Inc. KAZAZ Publications is the oldest publishing house for Muslims in North America. Chicago stories and travel guides by Chicago writers.

The Loyola Press is a Jesuit service that has served the Roman Catholics in building beliefs, upbringing, and spiritually since our foundation in 1912. This is a charitable mission of the Society of Jesus in Chicago Province. Lyceum and Lyceum on May 25, 2016, Oxford University Press purchased Lyceum and Lyceum Publishing, Inc. literature.

Founded in 1988, Lyceum has built an excellent name for itself by publishing volumes known for the high standard of their work. An eccentric little freelance book publishing house that offers the biggest literature and non-fiction of today. Published literature in phantasy, history, ghosts, literature, majorstream, mysteries, paranormal, romantic, sci-fi, suspense, thrillers, YA (from 14 years), YA-YA (YA of young grown-ups, 12-19 years), upscale and comercial.

Moody Publishers' premonition is to preach the Jesus Christ and a Bible view of the whole wide globe so creatively and powerfully that people around the globe will increasingly be living as its fully dedicated adherents. It is our missions to train and build the believer and evangelise the unbeliever by publishing right-wing, Protestant and other Christian literatures and medias for all age groups around the globe; and to help allocate resource to the Moody Bible Institute in its formation of prospective believers.

Feminist publishing house for high-quality gay music. The Norwood House Press is a children's book publishing house that concentrates on material for colleges and government institutions. For the past 12 years, Nyala Publishing has been operating at the same site on the northern side of Chicago's Wrigleyville. Specialized in reading, study, social research, self-determination and historical event reading - writing that helps us better comprehend the past, foster the present culture and get ready for the new.

The Open Court produces scientific literature on Eastern thought, Eastern thought and comparison religions and literature for the general public that presents smart, successful treatment of subjects of popular art, societal concerns and modern subjects. The Open Court does not release poems or literature. The mission of Sprickly Paradigm Press, LLC is to give serious writers a free hand to say what is right and what is off in their discipline and the rest of the body, even what has never been said before.

Quantessence International Publishing Group offers the latest academic and academic and clinical information in a format tailored to the diverse needs of the dentistry industry: textbooks, magazines, DVD's, CD-ROMs and symposiums. Dentists, scientists and pharmacists trust Qintessence for current papers, well-written and excellently illuminated literature and symposiums by world-renowned professionals.

The name Quintessence stands for unmatched excellence in the publishing industry. The Research Press is an autonomous private label firm established in 1968 by Robert W. Parkinson (1920-2001) and established in 1970. For the past 45 years, the organization has built a good name for publishing hands-on and efficient education and healthcare assets.

SOURCBOOKS releases tracks in almost any form, volume and outfit. Our list's excitement and excitement - in most of our classes, as well as our literature, romances, gift boxes, diaries, children's literature, YA and more - is unparalleled. He is driven by his continued dedication to reach the reader with reading that enlightens, inspires and enlightens their world.

Southern Illinois University Press's mission is to spread information through diversity of authoring to a worldwide audience, increase the university's visibility in the on-going scientific dialog, and foster an appreciation of the local community's heritage and people. Over the past few years, Southern Illinois University Press has concentrated its listing on a smaller number of areas of publication:

Amerikanische Geschichte (Civil War and Lincoln), Aeronautics, Botanics, Film Science, Law, Poetry, Geography, Speech and Compositions, theater. The Swan Isle Press is an independant, non-profit publishing house devoted to the publishing of poems, novels and non-fiction books that inspires and educates while promoting the study and esteem of literacy, the arts and cultur.

In 1998, after launching a culture literary program in the southeast of Illinois known as Tales from the General Shop and publishing for more than ten years a periodical featuring articles on the general shop age of the early twentieth.

It aims to preserve, pursue and expand the missions of the initial Middle West Historical and Cultural Foundation by publishing non-fiction and literature that documents and reveals something useful and useful about the state of the world. The Templegate Publishers is an independant publishing house for religion, established in 1947.

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