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Some people find it important to write their own book.

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She argued that there was a distortion of book prices, ratings, top publishing roles and author image by sex and proposed that 2018, the 100th anniversary of the 30+ womens in the UK that was elected, would be a good year for publishing mums. She foretold that it would be possible for a woman to be prominently featured on press sites and blog posts, window displays, festivals and award lists.

This was Stefan Tobler, creator of And Other Stories, who releases a mix of translation and copywriting. "What Kamila said we looked at what she said and thought she was right that the importance attached to masculine writing was even greater," Tobler says. "You don't necessarily sold more textbooks, you don't necessarily have more supporters, but there's still a big gap when it comes to reputation.

Other Stories is publishing about 12 volumes a year from an agency in the Sheffield Central Library - they moved there from London in 2017. The year of the publishing women means that they can stand behind women writers for whom they would otherwise have had no place in their diaries. "We don't publish anything we're not really enthusiastic about, and we'll begin with some writers we'll be publishing for years to come," he says.

The excitement for the year of female publishers in the remainder of the publishing sector was, one could say, a mixture. A few praised Shamsie's motivations, but were less focused on the implication and the notion of completely eliminating him. Several had a dilemma with the embassy by giving priority to mothers.

Writer Lionel Shriver named the concept "garbage" because the proposal that a woman needed particular help was "problematic and obviously backfired". Other people said there was no such thing as a real issue, and the performance of writers should be trumped instead. If there is a lack of balance between the sexes, what does the statistics tell us? The Vida lobby group has found in its yearly review of book reviewers that most literature releases offer much more room for men to review the work.

By 2016, only 26% of the London Review of Buch's book review of women's literature, with a 29% review in the Times Literature Supplement. In 2017, nine of the top ten best-selling writers were female, headed by Margaret Atwood, Sarah Perry and Helen Dunmore. Serpent's Tail editor Hannah Westland thinks that the Vida statistics are distorted because they contain non-fiction - where there is "an absolute imbalance".

The Booker Prize has seen more men winning in recent years because US writers were accepted four years ago and US men are more likely than men, she says. In my opinion, publishing is an area in which some of the most inspirational individuals at the top are women," says Westland.

"Of all the textbooks I've written, those of females have been far more popular than those of men, and you can see that all along the line. And Other Stories' Stefan Tobler says he can see why the Year of the Publishers may not have found broader outlay.

"When I do this, the risk I appreciate is that it looks like a woman is a victim and oppressed when the fact that there is an imbalance does not necessarily mean that female writers want to be seen in these terms," he says. But, from the facts and numbers we saw, we thought there was an imbalance, so I wanted to do something.

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