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In order to save more of your precious time for writing, I would like to provide you with three of my personal favorite self-publishing apps. Digital publishing news, e-book and reading applications. Web based applications and WordPress plugins to create an eBook. It wasn't long ago reading a book on your phone was science fiction. The use of computers has changed the production, promotion and reading of books and magazines.

I dare not use Apple's iBooks Author App?

Writers are attracted by Apple's easy-to-publish book distribution system. I' ve been working on a book about Cambodia for the last few years. Aftenposten, former Asia correspondents for Norway's biggest paper, was particularly interested in the Far East. I now face the issue of how I should release the book after the last few pages have been made.

First and foremost as a book on papers? However, the strongly controlled - and very small - book industry in Norway makes my earnings marginally with this opt. Though I can get some appreciation, of course, but with such a niche theme as Cambodia peer there is no way I will make even closer to my plain salaries in donations for the sale of the book.

Was I forgetting to be released in printed form - and concentrate on the e-book industry instead? It may not get any more revenue, but size and its potentials are thrilling and the book might end up getting a larger audiences. When it comes to making sure that your books are not a big hit, it seems like a good concept except that e-books are not really available in the small Norway marketplace.

Apple now launches Apple ItsiBook' Author App - and promises that anyone can create stunning multi-touch books for the iPad. I' d like to take my script, blend it with some of my best photos from Cambodia and create an astonishing book that hopefully will provide both a great read and a great viewing pleasure.

The iPad is a great book reading tool (except in daylight). It' located in the User Agreement: Service), you may sell the Work only through Apple and such dissemination is governed by the following restrictions and conditions: You must (a) conclude a written contract with Apple (or an Apple partner or subsidiary) before your work can be commercially distributed; and (b) Apple may, for any cause and in its absolute judgment, choose not to use it.

And so Apple wants me to write a script for month, take pictures and put everything into one cohesive narrative. Then, I'll be spending a few hrs (remember, it's so easy!), maybe even a few day if I'm really into it, making a great e-book with their utility. Can' t agree to give Apple 30% of my earnings by using their iBooks app to sell the iBook.

After all, I can only keep about 15% if I am publishing a paper book through a publisher in Norway. But, do you give me one single good enough excuse to agree that Apple is limiting my ability to distribute my work on any platform other than the one they control? When I go the e-book way, I want my work to be posted on all available workstations.

They use different portals and I want to be as widespread as possible. That' s why I like Kindle bookstore. I have found myself rereading the book on the Kindle reader many time, then proceeding on the Kindle app on iPad before rereading on in a staff at nights on my Android-powered smartphone. android....

When I look at it, Apple provides me with two things: A simple to use point-and-click manufacturing solution for iBook. This is a sales plattform for the sale of the book via iPad and iBook. Reportedly, the tools are free (provided I have a Mac that I don't have). There is no other vendor of a manufacturing tools that uses this type of work.

I am asked to contribute 30% of sales for the sales plattform. It is a fairly widespread sales and service sales transaction scheme. Though I would like to, I don't dare to use Apple's new Author App. I will not under any circumstances jeopardise the right to do what I want with my own contents, just to use a comfortable - and certainly also very smart - producing instrument.

Meanwhile, I won't be wondering if Apple interprets the conditions of use more "broadly" and author-friendly.

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