Book Publishing Agreement

publishing contract

the rights granted to the Publisher under this Agreement. The book publishing contract is between a publisher and an author who wants to publish a book about the publisher. any books published by the Publisher under the terms of this Agreement. Formal publishing agreement (England and Wales). "IN A PUBLISHING CONTRACT.


publishing contract

Non-compliance with this agreement will lead to cancellation of the agreement. This Agreement is only effective if you ("Author") have consented to the Agreement. All property titles to his book are reserved by the authors. Furthermore, the corporation recognizes that it does not have the right to verify or amend the contents of the author's book.

Authors warrant that they have the right to conclude this contract and to guarantee the privileges of it. Authors must make sure that their books contain no slanderous, illicit, insulting, menacing, unlawful, defamatory, deliberately hate filled, damaging or potentially damaging material. Authors guarantee that they are the exclusive owners of their books and hold the copyrights to their work.

Furthermore, the writer affirms that he has not committed any counterfeit in respect of his book and that its content is his complete work. Authors must make sure that their books contain no slanderous, illicit, insulting, menacing, unlawful, defamatory, deliberately hate filled, damaging or potentially damaging content.

Authors warrant 1) that the book does not contain any advertising that expressly or impliedly causes the reader to buy any products other than the book, 2) that the book does not contain any material that the authors are not entitled to disseminate or hold any copyrights to, and 3) that the content does not intentionally damage or potentially damage the reputations of any person or third parties.

Title to the book remains with the publisher. We may, however, use the author's book or extracts thereof in printed and on-line materials for promotional, commercial and promotional use. In the opinion of the enterprise it is necessary for a parent or guardian of a writer under the age of eighteen to co-sign the book publishing contract.

Parents or guardians should also authorise remuneration for publishing and/or promotional activities used by the same. We reserve the right to change/adapt the price and method of paying at any moment. Authors are eligible for a full reimbursement less the $100 administration charge if the business has breached a policy.

With it the setup costs of the authors are to be covered. But only 50% of the sale value will be refunded to the writer if the contract is cancelled after submission of the script by the writer before the beginning of the work. Eventually, the writer will only get 25% of the sale fee back if the contract is cancelled after the beginning of the interiors, but before the Digital Preview authorization sheet has been completed.

Authors' right to a reimbursement expires if they have not provided the documents required for the publishing of their book within six month from the date of the order for servicing. Reimbursement charges in connection with preliminary and subsequent publications, i.e. editing, book sale and correction, will not be borne by the Co.

In addition, the Group does not provide refunds for the second and subsequent issues of the author's book. No refunds will be made even if the publisher ceases publishing the author's work due to a violation of the agreement by the same. The right conceded to the enterprise by the writer to sell and publicise his work thus falls back to the same.

Authors will be notified in writing 30 days in advance of any legal termination of the book. If such notification is made before the work is published, the enterprise is obligated to reimburse the amount of money received from the principal, less a $100 charge. The aim is to reimburse the setup costs accrued to the authors and to make sure that both sides have no further mutual commitments.

A publisher's claim is null and void if he has not completed and submitted his work within two years. There is a charge for extra adjustments made during the work. A $199 (BW) and $299 (FC) lump sum charge will be made if the revision is ordered after the book is published.

It only provides publishing service instead of operating as a major publishing house. All claims regarding the time limit and qualitiy of the posted text should be directed to Lightning Source, Inc. Each book is saved in digital form by the enterprise. Otherwise a book will be extracted from these onlineshops.

This agreement replaces all other previous arrangements between the two sides. The Agreement may be modified only if a letter of enforcement is submitted which has been duly executed by the Contracting State.

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