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A Frahlingur with offices in Boston and New York. vid Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to be informed about new Berghahn-Publikationen. An expertly peer-reviewed magazine that focuses on the intersections of screen studies and body studies across disciplinary, institutional and medial boundaries. This magazine deals with animated and still pictures, be it from the consumer goods and information technology industries or messages and medias, among them cinemas, TV, websites and galleries.

The Screen Body deals with the representation, functioning and perception of the body on and in front of the screen from the perspective of sex and sex, female ism and manhood, trans*-Studien, Queen theories, crucial racing theories, cinema and disability studies. Childhood studies: Interdisciplinary journals are peer-review journals that provide a platform for discussing childhood, young manhood and the life of young people by examining the whole range of subtleties, issues and legacy that influence men's and men's development.

The Boyhood Study programme advocates a discerning and internationally oriented approach and promotes contributions and suggestions for specific topics from various research areas, among others from the areas of humanities, history and culture, history, philosophy, as well as the areas of sociology, law and heath.

#1 book and authoring events

BookExpo 2018 is the first end-to-end commercial printing solutions for the world' s publishers. You' ll personally see how creating value, trade in right, trade strategies and consumers' behaviour will help you to be successful in today's changing market. The BookExpo has been designed with care with contents and expertise for all those working in the printing world.

Here you can find a mix of novelists, bookshops, distributors, libraries, frahlings, publishers and more to establish relations, develop tactical skills, strengthen your businesses and get the heartbeat of what is trendy in today's changing market. At BookExpo, imaginative creators, philosophers and readership meet to shape the new publisher world. Talk to your favourite author and explore the new sounds that shape the book world.

The BookExpo offers a focussed business setting to explore aspiring writers and the next blockbusters, work with the world's most powerful publishers and learning from business and peer-reviewers. This is where business community leader, writers and reader meet to shape the new publisher genre. We' ve arranged rebates and arranged a small number of discounted rooms to make your New York City journey accessible.

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