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Please click here to learn more about the homepage of Janus Book Publishing. FSC-certified books factsheets for book publishers are available for download here. Irish Books View all. Books ideas for people in the media View all. He is an independent publisher of radical, left-wing non-fiction books.

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They dedicate their life to the production and production of novels dedicated to the formation and amusement of the sightless. There, in exchange for large amounts of cash, they are guaranteed that their book will be released. From our own experiences we know that most new scriptwriters are not "made of money".

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The Echo Books - book publication for first authors

Our mission is to help first-time writers overcome the hustle and bustle and to produce a high-end piece that has the look and feel of a top-class writer for a large publishing house. It is also guaranteed that 50% of the profits from each book you sell will go straight into your bag.

Our interim reports describe in detail what was oversold where and at what prices. This is the first non-profit publishers to work specifically for first-time writers. With our help, we want to help you make your dream come true, and we want to make self-publishing as simple as possible for everyone who chooses this avenue.

The Eland Book

The Eland Group specialises in printing the classic titles of travelling fiction. The Eland Book opens our minds to other civilizations, interprets the unfamiliar, shows different surroundings and celebrates the humor and sometimes horror of travelling. There are three of Eland's authors: I' m Rose Baring, John Hatt and Barnaby Rogerson.

It' s run by a freelance self-managers' team: Jennie Paterson (website), Antony Gray (typesetting and page design) and Stephanie Allen (advertising), who is also the director. She has traveled to North Africa and the Sahara and worked as a journalist with Persephone Books, then assisted with the founding of Slightly Fed, the literature magazine, publishing and bookstore, where in addition to her roles as Eland Books' PR Director, she is still a PR and marketing manager.

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