Book Publishers that Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

Publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts

is a sci-fi and fantasy publisher. The Beacon Publishing Group accepts all genres of fiction and non-fiction. sci-fi and fantasy publications. Five" Imprints accept unsolicited manuscripts submitted to Authors Publish. Here is a compilation of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Manuscripts sent in unsolicited

Currently we accept unsolicited manuscripts in the following types of fiction: Men's Adventures, Historic Literature, Mysteries & Suspenses, Thriller, Horror und Action-Adventure. We do not accept any further westerly fictions at the moment. Do you have a script that we should consider for publishing, global sales and sales?

Fill in the following boxes and send us your script. You have to fill in all the boxes for the registration process to be successful. On acceptance, you will receive up to 35% of the coverage fee. We' ve based our business on out-of-print back-list textbooks and are still thrilled when a lost good comes back to-live.

Don't be worried about your manuscripts on out-of-print magazines. So long as we find a hard copy of the book or accounts we can release. When you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent's permit to enter your work, and you must have this permit on the first page of your script, along with the name and the name of your guardian's name.

Failure to respond to your submissions within 45 working day means that we cannot post your work at this stage and that it is by no means a mirror image of your work. Wolf Pack currently accepts manuscripts in most styles except Western Fiction.

It all began as a small western fiction publisher and has grown into something much bigger and all-encompassing. Whilst we still specialise in Western, we have bestsellers in various categories. Men's Adventure, Historical Fiction, Horror, Action Adventure, Secrets and Suspense are just some of the successful styles we have seen.

When we don't think your style fits Wolfpack, we will try to forward you to one of our affiliate prints or an alternate publication solutions. There is no deadline or limitation on when we will accept new writers. And you have a script that will make an impression on us, then hand it in.

In contrast to most publishers, we want new writers to be successful and are prepared to promote new talents. No. You don't need an operative to work with Wolfpack, but if so, that's fine. Another advantage is that you get all emoluments without an agen.

But if you're new to the business and need more advice than others, an agen could be useful. So if you think you need one, it's important to find an agency that best fits your needs. If my script has been released in the past, can I send it to Wolfpack?

At Wolfpack we don't just like new tracks, but also backlists and earlier tracks! When you have a book that has already been released and has not worked so well, we know it and want to help you. Sometimes we know that a book is too fast and with very little advertising and not so good, we don't want that.

olfpack will make the necessary changes, with a new artwork, a promotion schedule and advertising for you and your work! Am I going to be in charge of my own book marketing-planning? What's good about Wolfpack is that we do all the work for you. So you can be part of the planning of your advertising and promotion as you like or not!

Our experiences have shown us that an on-line presentation as an writer is decisive for the succes of your work in today's world. So, let us help you do that. We' ll draw up a marketer' s schedule that not only supports your book but also you. At the moment we are specialized in eBooks, Print On Demand Paperbacks and Audiobooks. eBooks are and will remain the most successfull in the world.

However much we like printed literature, we know it's a race that is becoming extinct and we want to make sure your work is in the most favourite eBooks show. There' s a whole host of other things you can do with eBooks, such as other actions and overlinks. As soon as we have released the e-book, we can proceed with the publication of the printed version.

When my work is approved, do I have a say? Yes, that's what makes Wolfpack so different from the big conventional publishers. When you have an image of how your book should be or how your book should look, we want to listen to it. Contrary to the big publishers who take your manuscripts and no longer listen to them, we keep you engaged in the whole procedure and encourages you to have a say.

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