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Making it easy for authors to publish great books themselves. If you love books, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We' re a self-publisher who can help you to print, publish and advertise your book. We work with you to get affordable publisher prices! It was not for me, not immediately, but both industries in which I worked - publishing and media - were disturbed with extreme prejudice.

Getting Posted

You should first consider whether the replacement of a frahling could serve you better before contacting any of the publishers you have ever known. One frahling is representing the interests of the writers he works for. Having a good agency will help you find the right home for your work, help you and your work to the right publishers, help you to find the best offer for you and, most importantly, offer the much needed guidance and assistance throughout the work.

Agents, or agencies, make their earnings entirely as a profit of commissions on the sale of their clients' work and calculate about 15% commissions on the sale in the UK and 20% on the sale to the US. A number of writers say it's harder to find an asset than a publishers. It' certainly the case that an advertising company will live or die from its capacity to earn cash for the customer and therefore for itself, and for this why an advertising company will only take you over if he or she is convinced that there is a real estate or book industry.

After all, if you are fortunate enough to have an agents to replace you, it is important to keep in mind that it is not enough that they want to replace you, you must decide to elect or name them.

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The authors use proofreaders and editorial staff. We' ll help you to make your book as good as possible. This is a one-to-one experience for every writer. You are dealing with true professionals who take good charge of your book. It'?s his envelope being judged by the public. Let your book look professionally - inside and out.

With our help we can bring your book to market with sales, PR and Amazon & iTunes e-book distributions. In our opinion, we provide the best value and the most individual customer care through self-published bookstores. Our personalized, tailor-made customer care is available at highly attractive rates. Our products are no different from the biggest publishers and are a million leagues away from the typically self-published titles so often created through on-line automatic processes.

We work with you to get your book to life and promote it efficiently, and we can even take charge of all the media and sales.

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