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Pentonville Road's snowbooks team office may be small, but in the smallest space they have produced enough remarkable books to win the Small Publisher of the Year at last year's British Book Trade Awards. The Hurst Group is an independent non-fiction publisher based in central London, in the heart of Bloomsbury. Livery Halls of the City of London - The Private Gardens of SMI Landscape Architecture - Ulrich Wüst: In public and private - East Germany in photographs. Latest news and commentary on the annual book publishing fair in the UK.

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Hispanic Walwyn is an independant publishing house in southwest London. The first book was released in 1972. It is our goal to find a book that has a permanent value and nourishes you. In the following you will find the major category in which we have posted. What is special about these works is that they are produced according to genuine Calligraphies and illustrations.

As publishers, we strive to find and make available to a broader public the treasures we hide. We' ve supported a number of lovable historical and biographical writings. Being one of the premier independent publishers in London, we are full of compliments to one of the greatest authors of all times.

Poetics was identified as the best words in the best order. We' re always looking for inspiring and touching volumes of poems, because poesy is one of our specialties. Or, if you would like to talk about the volumes and text we have supported, call us today on 020 8241 5927.

Writers & Self-Publishers - The London Book Fair

Writers are at home at the fair - and they should be. In addition, the Authors' Centre will demonstrate the LBF's part in recognising the changes in the sector by offering a platform for discussing the ever-increasing number of publication ideas, such as many interesting campaigns such as agency gatherings and panel-style pitch-slam forums.

The " Writer of the Day " program will help the writer to meet with renowned and best-selling artists who will be sharing their trip for release during a dedicated lecture session at the fair.

Acting as Digital Marketing Officer, Children's book publisher, London - London

We were asked by our customer, an award-winning children's book publishing house, to help him find a gifted young designer in his London office. It' an interesting task as the DMP will play a pivotal part in the sales force, monitoring the company's DMP policy and web visibility to make sure the most important title campaign reaches a rising number of people.

For a long time this publishers has released many award-winning writers, illustrations and trademarks and created a very collegial and non-company working milieu. You are the voices of the division for electronic advertising and have a wide range of responsibilities in developing and implementing a virtual and eBook sales approach for all prints and publications.

In your capacity as DMP, you will be reporting to the Head of Corporate Communications and managing all facets of DMC, from book advertising and corporate communications to corporate website management and online campaign management. It is also your job to be the central point of access for the entire company for online advertising, as well as to communicate with writers & graphic designers and the in-house departments of the company, which include distribution, PR, publication and of course your fellow-marketers.

We are looking for a resourceful and commercially driven digitally marketeer who has the opportunity to put his abilities to good use in book advertising. The ideal candidate will have a background in brand promotion for kids, whether in publishers or the consumer electronics sector, and a strong commitment to the promotion of children's literature in all years.

They will be stationed in the London publishing house office with very good underground and underground station accessibility. There' s a competitively-priced wage and company advantages, which naturally depends on the expertise you have.

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