Book Publishers in Massachusetts

Publishers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Book Publishers - Book Publishers Directory An academic and technological publishers focusing on mathematics, computer science and robotics. The Academic Studies Press is an independant academic publishers dedicated to promoting academic research and comprehension in the fields of Judaic and Slavic studies in the arts and society. Headquartered in North America, Adams Media Corporation publishes approximately 140 new publications annually with a complete catalogue of approximately 700 of them.

It is our aim to provide our readership with high qualitiy information at a sensible cost. Adams Media was acquired in 2003 by F+W, A Content + eCommerce Company, one of the biggest specialist publishers in the business. The Barclay Creek Press is a publishing house for literature and non-fiction on open-air themes with a focus on insect hunting.

It is an independant children's publishers with a focus on innovative, high-quality illustrated textbooks from all over the know. The Bentley Publishers is a transport orientated company with the aim of creating value -added value for you. The Bentley Publishers is always looking for good works from new and talented people. It is our aim to create a publisher ecosystem that will encourage our writers to pool their expertise with the wider fellowship in their own voices.

We' re interested in the kind of book that contains good research, powerful illustration and drawing, and invaluable engineering information. Publication of New England Historical Publications focusing on the development of transport in New England. Branden has published award-winning works and encyclopedias on topics such as womens, child, military, IT-US and African-American literature since 1909.

A small independend media devoted to the publication of works on vampirism, folk music and facts, established in 2006. Somerville, Massachusetts, Candlewick is a publisher of exceptional children's literature for people of all years. It is Charlesbridge's mission to create life-long reading and learning by providing good value literature for kids.....

ChemChemChemical Publishing Company offers high-quality reading to researchers, graduates, engineers, physicians and qualified people. Founded in 1934, the company is one of stm's most renowned scientific and publishing houses. We are proud of our strong portfolio of products in North America, the UK, the European Union, Canada and Australia, serving a variety of industries such as consumers, retail, engineering, chemicals, sustainable development, scientific communities, large corporations, global retail organizations and more.

Publicises non-fiction in the fields of alphabetisation, pedagogy, mathematics, natural sciences and engineering, and what we call general knowledge, subjects of general interest to teachers, such as teaching materials and thought processes. Sexy sci-fi and phantasy publishers. The Crow Flies Press is a green and independent publisher devoted to providing a range of literature that helps to maintain, raise and educate; in the end, the world will become a clean, happy and tranquil place.

The Crow Flies Press and our printing plants are part of the Green Press Initiative and have subscribed to the paper on responsible paper. Founded in 2016 by the award-winning Papercuts bookshop, Cutlass Press releases cutting-edge publications - a weapon of the moment. is a small Boston, Massachusetts-based publisher that produces between twenty and thirty magazines per year and maintains an animated reprinting programme.

It is an autonomous business (a rare occurrence nowadays) and its register reflects the personal taste and interests of its chairman and creator David Godine. This is a small media publisher that mainly offers teaching and performing works for less expert musicians of fiddle, cello, viola, basso and more. Founded in 1993 in Boston, Massachusetts, ECS Publishers is the mother corporation of E.C. Schirmer Media Corporation, Galaxy Media Corporation, Highgate Media, Ione Media and the recording brand ARSIS Audio.

Accxact Change produces a number of reference works on the subject of surrealism, Dada, pataphysics and other avant-garde 19th and 20th cent. The Fair Winds Press provides non-fiction in a number of convenient classes, among them diet & cooking, exercise, education, aesthetics, disease treatment, psychological well being and the use of new medicines.

By November 2014, the Focus Publishing/R. The Pullins Company was taken over by Hackett Publishing Company, a small independently owned publishing company with operations in Indianapolis and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard Common Press of Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the country's premier publishers of high-quality cookery and parentals. The Hendrickson Publishers have a long tradition of making excellent scholarly textbooks, specialist literature and encyclopedias at a competitive cost.

Our aim of our scholarly editorial programme is to satisfy the needs of the religions sciences around the world with works on the Jewish Bible and Jewish languages, Old Oriental and Archaeological literature, the New Testament and the Grecian languages, as well as on Judaism, patistics, ecclesiastical affairs, historic theatre, pragmatic theatre, as well as on religions and cultur.

He is also pleased to partner with the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, the leading publishing house for original-language Bibles. Editor of primarily source-based US-histories. Featuring a wealth of originals - covers, photos, diary notes, cards, spreadsheets, articles, essays as well as illustration - each book is a first-hand account of the lives, struggles, hardships, victories and successes of our nation's people.

The Holy Cross Orthodox Press ist der Verlagsarm der Hellenic College-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. It is the task of the press to produce publications on Orthodox Christian theology. The HMH produces renowned adult and children's textbooks in the areas of literary, scientific, sporting, historical, cookery, travel guide and contemporary art.

Interlink Publishings was created 1987 and is an independant publisher, which specialized in the following areas: The International Press of Boston, Inc. is a scientific publisher headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts (near Harvard University), USA, since 1992. The book publishes high-ranking books on mathematic and mathematic physic, among them books, text books and several long-running booklets.

The International Press recruits its writers and writers from a global pool of talented individuals, including many of the most important and important in their field. Established in 1987 by Curtis R. Vouwie to provide information on current issues relevant to the medical profession, OEM Medical Information Inc. still provides high-quality printed and digital materials.

Over 30 publications have been released under the OEM Press Impressum for medical and care practitioners. OEM is also the biggest individual reference point for the publications of other publishers in the field of industrial medical via our on-line catalogue. It' the best place to go for a book in this field.

The Orne Publishing website was founded to provide information and education to our readership on issues that we believe are essential to our wellbeing, our relations, our careers and our financial situation. The Page Street publishing company covers all types of literature for young adults (12 years and older) and a wide range of non-fiction titles in the fields of cookery, sport, science, natural history, home decoration, craft and education.

We also publish children's novice focus book and artists guided storybooks in all styles from 4-8 years, occasional 0-3 year old boards and visual concepts book. The Paris Press is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit education organisation that produces pioneering but ignored reading by young people.

Press value works in all styles that dare to talk truly about company, civilization, history as well as the people' s hearts.

The Racemaker was created in 2006 by a group of people who were interested in automobile and classic car races, who wanted to make a book that would come out but not be a book that a big publishing house would take up. Historic precision in conjunction with legibility are the trademarks of all Racemaker Press publications. It is in many ways a scientific effort based on the wish to make reading appealing and enjoyable through nice, well-made textbooks at affordable costs.

Wise Book has a long tradition as one of America's outstanding publishers of mystic or eccentric doctrines from tradition around the globe and over the years. The Conari Press releases spa and convalescence literature, especially 12-tier literature, healthy and nutritional literature, women's literature and literature on sexuality, individual development, education and people.

Desinformation books: The Hampton Roads Publishing: most interested in the following manuscripts: Body/Mind/Mind Non-Fiction, Alternate Medicine and Wellbeing, Self-help with Aptitude, Preserved Awisdom, and Religions and Meditation from Eastern and Western Tradition. The only print that we publish personally related articles (e.g. memoirs or autobiographies) is Turning Stone Press.

Editors of printed and electronic books mainly on fantasy and science fiction topics, but also with tracks in Action / Adventure, Mysstery, Suspension and Thrillers. The Skinner House Books is the masthead of the Unitarian Universalist Association, a free flowing religion organisation with more than 1,000 churches in the United States and Canada.

Small Beer Press, North America, was founded by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link and is now run by a small group of people who like to put good literature in the hand of other people. There are 6-10 published per year, maybe, and twice a year we release our little illuminated fence, LCRW (also known as Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet).

The Sproodle Doodle Book is a small, independant publishing house on Martha's Vineyard Isle. The book contains children's literature that combines the arts of storytelling with personalities whose beliefs and acts mirror an integrative, nurturing world. It is our aim to create tales that awaken the children's imagination and joy while at the same time promoting sensitivity, generous ness and collaboration.

Publish a book for self-reliance in accordance with the world. Sumerset Press is a small, specialist publisher established in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1994 by authors Jim Kaplan and Brooks Robards. She has written in three different categories: travelling, sport and literature. In contrast to many large corporate publishers, Summerset Press strives to publish high-quality texts and keep its back list in the press.

The Tupelo Group. which published its first five volumes in autumn 2001, is an autonomous literature journal dedicated to the discovery and publication of poems, literature and inventive non-fiction by up-and-coming and mature authors. The Tupelo Group is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Descriptions of what we make and how we make it - from print to print to print as well as print qualities - are honoured by the unique sensuous look and haptics of a Tupelo Work.

Twin Lights Publishers has been touring America for more than a decennium with the much-loved and ever-growing Photographic Portrait family. The Wisdom Publications is the premier publishing house for modern and classical literature and practice on Buddhism, awareness, meditation as well as other Buddhist practices.

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