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There are 5 Indie L.A. presses you should know Los Angeles Magazine

This year' s ongoing turmoil and dismal reality of overlapping publisher and big-box retailer environments has turned the usually trustworthy little pleasure of saving a new book into a mine field of debt and ennui. What is it? Now more important than ever is to buy independent and locally, from Amazon's mala fierce feuds with the Hachette Book Group (way to watch the dirty, Bezos) to the more everyday bum of the ever-present centre of the street on the bookstands at Costco and Wal-Mart.

All of the small and thrilling publishers listed below are right here in L.A. All have volumes that you can find at popular venues like Skylight in Los Feliz and Diesel in Brentwood for the important last-minute stocks. CREATING Rare Bird BooksThe establishment of Tyson Cornell, which used to advertise and market for home town favorite book soup, Rare Bird Books has five overprints:

One Barnacle Book, one Vireo Book, California Coldblood, Archer and Rare Bird Books themselves. California Coldblood concentrates on sci-fi and the like, while A Barnacle Book produces Hollywood literature, memoirs and detective stories. Established in 2008 by the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Dramatic Writing MFA Alum's Judeth Oden Choi and Chiwan Choi (who named LA Weekly "the Jay-Z of Poetry" last year), Large press provides compelling and original compilations in attractive packs, such as Khadija Anderson's History of Butoh, which includes the L.A.-

Perhaps the most astonishing item in the Writ Large catalog is The Siren / In the Painting Heraclitus Wrings His Hands Above the World and Appears to be Case by Melora Walters, which can be recognized by her appearance as an actor in Magnolia and HBO's Big Love. Writ Large will release the Hollywood notebook by Wendy C. Ortiz in 2015, whose Excavation memoirs (published by Future Tense early this year) have received much favorable publicity from The Los Angeles Review of Books and the L.A. Times.

The Figues PressWhen you see a Les Figues book, you'll probably be fascinated by its beautiful look; the media make beautiful, eye-catching issues, especially the aerodynamic, high and thin items in their TrenchArt collection of icons. The Figues strives to make it possible to write and read stories in and about themselves, and you can be sure that every year they host some of the most thrilling shows in L.A. - but Les Figues (French for "figs", the most delicious and allusive fruits) releases a horn of avant-garde lyrics, many of which contain the last words of the media slogan "Beauty, Belief, Bawdry" so much that we cannot reproduce their name.

An excellent starting point is the I Go To Some Hollow anthology by Amina Cain, a popular writer with a sensitivity and a unique theme; next year Colin Winnette's novel Coyote by Aimee Bender will be voted the winners of the NOS book competition Les Figues 2013.

At the University of Southern California's Doctoral Programme in Literature and Visual Writing, in 2010 a small group of college graduates established PressPress . Ever since then, the media has held an annually held chapterbook contest in which the winner of poems and literature (selected by visiting jurors such as Dana Johnson and Percival Everett) in thumbnail format - a total of thirty pages for poems, fifty for fictional, elaborately crafted ed...

Throughout 2012, overpowered by high-profile entries to the competitions, Gold Line Press has launched an Impressum, Ricochet Publications (full disclosure: I was editor-in-chief of Gold Line Press for the 2013-2014 academic year and I am Ricochet's executive editor) to put genre-changing, formal inventiveness work into the spotlight. L.A. writers are well featured in the Gold Line / Ricochet catalogue; see Alisa Slaughter's fun and obscure Bad Habitats imagining the inner life of the endangered SoCal ecosystems, and Harmony Holiday's Go Find Your Father / A Famous Blues, a rousing mediation on sativity.

By 2015 Ricochet Black Clock will release Arielle Greenberg's sexily and inventively Locally Made Panties. The Phoneme MediaSponsored by literature stable PEN Center USA, Phoneme was established by Brian Hewes and the strikingly mustachioed writer and interpreter David Shook and strives to compile and publicize the works of authors and performers from all over the globe in order to make them accessible to a broader audience.

After this year's release of the diorama by the Mexico based experimentist Rocío Cerón (translated by Anna Rosenwong)-Phoneme's first book, Shook's interpretation of Mario Bellatin's Shiki Nagaoka: Get your copy of Cerón and Bellatin now, and amaze everyone in your book shop with your tastes.

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