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It'?s not New York: Bookshops and publishers in Boston

Now, reader, we have come to the end of our transnational tour of the nation's non-New York publishers. At the end of our trip we take you to Boston, a town that recently showed us its courage by working together in the face of the commotion. A town with pride in its past, its colleges, its sports clubs and, of course, its bookmaking.

The best way to get started is with Bookbuilders of Boston, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together individuals from across the Boston publishers and manufacturers to share information, debate new technology and develop New England publisher-cultures. The bookmaker of Boston, like the town itself, has an impressing story.

Established in 1937, the country began to emerge from the global economic crisis by a group of industrial intelligentsia who chose to meet for a "talk shop". "Today, the organisation organises network meetings, organises a fellowship programme for area-student, offers trainings and workshop for newcomers to the publisher and is sponsoring the yearly New England Book Show.

Featuring such a committed and supporting fellowship, it's not difficult to understand why many publishers call Boston home (or second home). Hachette, the Big Six publishing house, is the proud Boston-based Little, Brown and Company. Mifflin Harcout also releases many of his commercial papers from his Boston offices, most of them for schoolchildren.

Among the regional publishers is the non-profit Beacon Press, a corporation with an amazing 160 years of experience and a listing that highlights various disciplines in the arts and society such as religious, historical, sex, quantum and environment research. Boston is also home to David R. Godine, a publishing house known for creating beautiful textbooks that show the company's dedication to excellence before abundance.

Their publications include authentic literature and non-fiction, translation, artwork, children's literature, out-of-print and neglected "masterpieces". "Candlewick Press, the prestigious editor of children's literature (including the bestsellers I Want My Hat Back and This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen and the Ologies series), is headquartered in near Somerville. Boston region is known for its scholarly cultural heritage, and here follows the book trade.

Bedford, Freeman & Worth Printing Group, the university department of Big Six-er Macmillan, has its headquarters on Arlington Street near the Public Garden. One of Pearson Higher Education's two Boston based practices is located in the same facility. Centgage Learning, also a text book publisher with a heavy emphasis, also has an agency in Boston. To broaden your understanding of the world of publishers, take a look at the capabilities of Emerson College's Department of Writing, Literature and Publishing, which hosts one of two programmes in the state ( (although the publisher's emphasis is limited), as well as a qualification in literature and writing.

In addition, Emerson provides five-week summers certification programmes in the areas of literature publishing, digital media production, marketing and branding. Fifth Boston Book International Book Fair, October 17-19, 2013. You can also visit the Boston Book Festivals, a literature road event and a reading cycle that takes place one October weekends in the city's most famous places.

For a more informal read session, visit the Harvard Book Store at Harvard Square in Cambridge. There are some who blame Boston for having an inadequacy center when it comes to the city's relations with New York, but Boston obviously has nothing to be embarrassed about. It has an inspirational story, but a host of colleges makes it a great place for youngsters.

It is a much smaller town than New York, within walking distance and the "T" underground is very effective. Rental tends to be slightly lower than in New York, but each neighbourhood has its own humor and unique texture, so be sure to do some research when you choose where to live. However, there are many other things to consider.

The people of Boston are fond of their city: they are fond of its past, its people, its passion. Writing in an Op-ed in the New York Times after the Boston Marathon bombing, writer Dennis Lehane described his town as"'built on endurance, politeness and intellectualism. "Such endowments, combined with the world of literature and literature, make Boston an excellent home for any bibliophil.

You work in the Boston area? What do you think of the sector there? When you' ve worked in other publishers, especially in New York, what about Boston? Whereever you are or wherever you want to be, a quick look for "Publishers in X" is all you need to find ways to launch your publisher-careership.

We recommend that if you have worked or are currently working in the book industry outside of New York City, you tell us your story and your thoughts in the following editorial.

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