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Publisher located in London After all, every single one of these days should be really relaxed, but everyone will always go through the stress of the time. Nowadays it' s not about just chilling out all the time, it is about learning all the hints and ups and downs on how to chill out every time. It was Book Lovers Sunday last weekend! In celebration of these magnificent beings, here are some facts you may not know yet!

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Norwegian Publishers Association (NPA) is a trading organization for publishers. Approximately 80 percent of the turnover of publishing houses to book retailers in the state. Our relationships with the public sector, local organizations in the culture sector in general and the book sector in particular, as well as with affiliated organizations abroad, are close.

The NPA's mission is to protect and enhance national and international publishing freedoms, to enhance compliance with copyrights, including by reinforcing the copyrights of publishers, to reinforce and enhance the status of Norwegian literary works, to protect and reinforce the status of publishers and to safeguard their business and economic interests.

Publishers' Association of Norway is constantly working on policy topics that affect publishers, and these are the topical policy topics on which we focus: There is no turnover taxes on e-books: At the present 25% value added taxpayer fee for e-books is an impediment to the creation of a working eco-system for electronic literary works, which affects the competitiveness of Norway's e-books in an ever more globalĀ marketplace.

In Norway, the present system of fixing book prices expires at the end of 2018. It is an important instrument in publishing work to achieve the objectives of the literary policies, and the NPA is therefore committed to continuing the covenant.

Frankfurt Book fair 2019 will be the Frankfurt Book Fair's special visitor: the world's biggest book trade show. Being an honorary visitor will give an impetus to Norway's foreign literary life for years to come, and the resulting awareness will have an impact on the whole culture department.

Conducting work internationally with free expression: NPA works closely with the PEN in Norway to promote free speech. Another important shareholder is the IPA ("International Publishers Association"). This committee of the Association of Publishers of Norway for the sale of publication copyrights abroad deals with questions of exports policies and common market activities for publishers abroad, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair and a workshop for publishers from abroad at the annual Lillehammer Literary Fair in Norway.

Publishers and agents are both members of the board and the board works closely with NORLA (Norwegian Litererature Abroad), which "promotes the exports of Norway's literary works by actively promoting the creation of profiles and translation". It spreads information about Norway's novels and writers abroad and is funded by the Ministry of Culture.

Temporary members of the Comittee.

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