Book Publishers Accepting Submissions

Publishers accepting submissions

Your sales partner is the Perseus Book Group. We are currently accepting applications for Short Flight/Long Drive Books. No poetry or children's picture books will be published or accepted. Your main goal is to get your print book into retail stores across the country, you might as well stop here. Submittable electronic submissions are accepted.

Things you should consider in your entry

Accepted scripts of all styles, with or without agents, from all over the globe. It can take up to three week to complete the verification procedure. You should send us the following: An abstract is a short summary, which may differ in length according to the type of book, but should generally not be longer than 500 words.

A copy of your complete script must also be sent to the e-mail below: Please e-mail your script files with the reference line'New Submission' by using the on-line application below. Please submit your entry to:

If you wish us to send back your work at a later date, please include a prepaid reply cover or a sufficiently prepaid stamp (in US stamps). Our publisher will be pleased to talk about your suggestion by phone between 09:00 and 17:00h. When you call from outside the United States, please provide us with a voice mail stating an appropriate point in the callback process.


Of course, authors' aspirations are changing and we want to offer them what they demand: higher royalties, more creativity, clear and honest agreements, high drafting quality, professionally designed covers and a serious label that they can be proud to uphold. Firstly, sometimes we are confused with an author's co-operative or a kind of remuneration for services, so let us repeat that we are a publishing house.

" Our writers, editorial staff and performers are considered to be members of a collaborative and informative collaborative group. This is a question of organisational managerial skills - an absolute prerequisite for all our members of the group. Our work is so that the experiences are beneficial, productive and supporting for all our colleagues because they keep morals high and everyone concentrates more effectively on the task of authoring and sales of good workbooks.

Furthermore, the publishers are not obliged to prepay us for the publication. You can use this feature for publishing or artwork type if you want to maximise your license fee (it can be up to 81% of the license fee paid), but that's up to the publisher.

By offering more opportunities, not less, we give the writer more scrutiny to decide the best course of his or her own careers. Dependent on which contract option an autor selects, and according to the needs unique to the particular projects, the reseller pays a license fee of 65% to 81% of the reseller's license fees.

In our opinion, these licenses are among the highest (perhaps the highest) in the business. Our main areas of interest are eBooks, POD (Print-on-Demand) and audio/video. That means that most of us will not only read or listen to our printed book on our web site, but also that those who still want to have a printed book in their hand will buy at least a good percent of it now.

Your main objective is to get your book into shops all over the countryside, you might as well stop here. With the new dynamic of the markets, it has become cheaper and easier for everyone to release, and this presents some challenge for those who are trying to find a sound basis in the world.

In doing so, we build on our good name and our wide range of products, and everyone in the company is correspondingly successful. It is also important that we promote our work and try to attract as large an audience as possible. We have a managerial staff to lead these efforts, but any member of our staff can join in.

We' re working as a group. "The flash of opportunity sometimes drives an writer to star status over night, but most writers have to work on it for years before they can realize their final dream. It is our own expertise and the general business expertise as a whole that most writers have achieved their "overnight" hit after publishing 3, 4 or even 5 volumes that reach the same general view.

Some fall off the grid after 3, 2 or even 1 book. As any other publishing house, we cannot guarantee your authorship. No matter if you are an writer, journalist, artist oder interpreter (from English into a third language), we are looking for people who agree with some of our key philosophies:

An experienced and experienced professional staff, working together towards a single objective, will improve your chances of succeeding. They are not only papers and paperboard, nor are they electronical records in the clouds. The writers have prime command of their own destiny. At the top of this page there are 4 extra tab pages - writers, journalists, artists, translators.

Simply click on the register card that corresponds to you and continue reading for more information and submit policies and procedures. Writers: 1) We are receiving fewer submissions than in our first few working day, and 2) The overall submissions are of a higher overall qualitiy than in the past. Now, after we opened for submissions again on March 10th, the feedback was quitehelming.

There were a number of submissions waiting (in some cases) for our consideration, many of which look quite upbeat. In order to cope with the work load, we are TEMPORARY CLOSED (from 1 June, after prior notice) and will be open again for submissions on 1 September 2018. If you are considering applying, please allow until September and use this period to make your work shine.

We fear that if you file now or before September 1, it will remain unreplied. Secondly, a fairly good word of caution regarding submissions: we are very discriminating. When you have observed us or read our book, you know that we take our dedication to excellence seriously. In order to increase your acceptability, please feel free to drop us a copy that you have taken the liberty of polishing to a glossy finish.

NOTICE: If you have not yet seen the introductory page under the Submissions page, please launch there to find important advance information. Because of a considerable delay at this stage, it takes a little longer than normal for us to pass through our submissioneue. Currently we do not accept submissions in the categories below as we have concentrated on our key competencies (which is not the case):

Whilst we have accepted most other types of literature, we are particularly interested in the following categories, which we believe to be our main competence today and in the future: In the beginning, it is much more likely that we will agree to a writer who is willing to subscribe to a 3-book agreement than a-1-book one. When your three lexicons are part of a set, your chances of winning are even better, although 3 independent lexicons that address the same general public (same genre) are also well-received.

Quite honestly, it's about the economy of this deal, which could be called the hard truth - we don't just want to release your book, we want to distribute it. Don't be fooled: this is really hard with a book. One of these "aspiring authors" (hey, we all begin there); An editor who is already self-released but dissapointed by the results and willing to re-release, reedit, rename and re-publish with us the work( (s) in progress; An incumbent writer who has previously republished earlier works elsewhere but is looking for a different way for your next work.

Consider that we require our writers to be proactive members of the teams and to attend group sessions - this may or may not be new to you, according to where you have previously posted. In addition, you are not only ready to take part in our energetic (and entertaining) collaborative mindset, but you are also excited because you know what it means for your future development.

This does not mean that you have to be on your website or your online and online communities every working day (frankly, we would rather concentrate on finishing your next book), but it does mean that you cannot totally disregard these or our EP group locations. We as publishers believe that our greatest capital is our employees.

Books in book length for which you have full, uncontaminated publication copyrights; literature in one of the above-mentioned favoured categories; non-fiction if it forces and interests us and for which we see a reasonable commercial opportunity; only finished scripts and no first sketches please; you have already prepared, reworked and polished your own script, preferentially with the help of betatas and/or writers.

When you are looking for a 3-book book trade, it is okay if only the first book is finished, provided you have the foundation stone for the two and three book deals. NOTICE: We are accepting previously self-published works under the right conditions, in which case you must keep the work anywhere upon accepting the work.

Powerful editing policies, with an equal strength of committed editing staff - that really is one of our great assets; a talent art crew to create great artwork, in-house illustration, etc.; an important sales approach involving the whole crew - but willing to do a great deal of the hard work here on your own name; a powerful group dynamics, with enthusiatic teammates working with each other, encouraging and supporting each other; and last ly a serious consumer trusted label for top-of-the line textbooks, each bearing our name and signature....

As soon as we have an adapted, high gloss finished script and a great book jacket, we will release and hand out your work: the following: Occasionally (currently about 10% of our books) we provide a certain eBook exclusive through Amazon to take full benefit of the KDP Select programme. This is a tough choice because of the exclusion clauses, but we assess the choices and review them with the writer on a case-by-case base.

eBook is where we are expecting most of our bonuses for most of our classes. There is a change in the markets and technological progress, and we believe that the era of pre-printing and storing book, which we then deliver and cross our finger prints, 75% of which are not return.

And, of course, we have all seen that the shelving surface for shelves in stores has been reduced considerably. For example, we prepare all our printed publications using the POD (Print-on-Demand) method, in which we are able to compete with both our own prices and our own authors' fees. and some hardcover booklets for all our titles, if the gender and free enterprise make perfect use of Lightning Sources.

We' re trying to get your book into as many advanced outlets as possible, but we can't guarantee that a particular outlet will record it. Often the writers are their own best sellers, go to bookshops and galleries, take part in meetings and book shows and make face-to-face contact.

We are always looking for cost-effective and highly productive ways to open up new possibilities of pressure distributions. Most of our printed book purchases are expected to be made through on-line merchants. As we have made clear beyond our sector forecasts, we also anticipate that printed publications will have a declining share of the overall printing sector.

We' re offering it because we have to deliver a well-rounded, full-featured catalogue and because some customers always want the printed version, but we still believe that this is a dwindling business. Most of our narrator contracts are based on Royalty Share Only, unless the writer wants to prepay the cost of producing to maximise the royalty.

The book can be taken up as a Royality Share projekt by a storyteller who is willing to work on pure Royals. Some of our titles are already available in both audio book and eBook formats. It gives the writer more leeway in all the choices that determine our processes.

" That means that when we have disagreements we often turn to the writer. But we are the publishers, and we have been doing this for a few years and have learnt a few things, and we want our writers to have a little confidence in what we do. We agree price and advertising strategy with the writer, as well as publishing plans, editing requirements, etc.

Each book goes through our strict editing procedure, in which we try to make your book not only a better play, but also a better author. And we want your book to end and say, "Wow, we want your words to rip, your texture to attract, your character to become old friend to the reader.

But we never forgot it's your book, not ours. At every stage of the way you will be involved in the projects that are so close to your hearts. It' quite simple: Lucky writers make lucky publishers. That is why, dear writer, we really want to make you truly satisfied.

You have the right - the right - to have the book published for a certain period of the year. This period is usually 7-9 years, subject to a few conditions, although we make it simple and appealing for the writer to renew his work with us at the end of the first year.

In the event that the Contractor decides not to renew the Agreement, all claims shall pass to the Contractor upon expiry of the original Agreement. We provide permissions in all editions and to all distribution networks where we want to distribute your work. We' re changing the permissions for Foriegn Translation and Stage and Screen Rigths slightly so that writers have a reasonable'out' when they can place their book, but we don'.

Each writer is one of a kind, and each and every one of the works is different. Naturally, we have standardized contractual conditions that are applicable to most of our clients, but we are negotiating every single one of them. Each writer has his own aspirations, objectives, resources, etc., and we do not assume to place you in a treaty that makes complete sense to another writer but makes no real difference to you.

Once we are so far advanced in the filing procedure that we are interested in your work, we will speak to you personally and of course provide you with all the necessary information to make a well-founded judgment. Send us an e-mail with the reference "Book Inquiry - [Your book title]".

Please attach an MS Word file (no PDF, EPUB or MOBI files) only to the first 3 sections of your book. WARNING: Please ensure your submissions are formatted according to our formatting policy. If you do not comply with our filing policy, however, we may not reply at all as this makes our work too ineffective.

EDITORS: We will be pleased to check your credentials, but in the end the final result will be the high standard of your work. Please submit at least one (preferably two) example of your edit (we will keep all information, as well as author's name and titles, in the strictest confidence), containing no more than 3,000 words, and clearly legible with your "edits" and comment.

There are different writers with different style, and we want you to be yourself. We' re not looking for cloning our current editor, because.... that would be frightening. Our writers are offered opportunities and our writers are given the chance to take part in a small amicable contest. It is also a great way for writers to collaborate on a specific topic if they (and the author) so wish.

Together with writers and freelance writers, we co-ordinate their work in three different ways: A reasonable upfront payment and a small royalty on the license fees payable every quarter or six months. Smaller, moderate advance payment, plus a higher royalty payment, payable every quarter or six months. There is no upfront charge, with an appealing royalty rate payable every quarter or six months.

It is a popular option for our writers and crucial to our "everyone has a hand in it" approach, so writers who are not willing to work on a fee basis should not submit applications. Every single one of your projects needs an art work. An artist must be able to produce pictures according to an author's instructions or guide this creation as they read part of the author's work or discuss the work in person with the writer and suggest appropriate pictures.

Coordinating with the writers and paying the artist for their work in three ways: A prepayment and a small royalty payment, payable either every quarter or every six months. Lower advance payment and a slightly higher royalty payment, payable every quarter or every six months. It is our most popular method, which is crucial to our "everyone has a hand in it" policy, so those who are not willing to work on a part or full assignment should not submit an application.

Substantial direct royalty commissions payable every quarter or six months. They will live in the destination countries, be active in book groups, book clubs and generally have fun as well. We will be pleased to check your credentials, but in the end the final result will be the high standard of your work. Please therefore provide us with an example of your own translations (we will keep all information, as well as author's name and titles, in the strictest confidence) of 1,500 to 3,000 words.

If this is the case, we will make the pattern available to you and ask you to do the work in the source files we have sent you, to keep the source format/layout and to insert your comment or question wherever you need to ask the writer or ask something from your side. The translator is coupled with certain writers to build a rapport and gain insights into their work, to guarantee an exact presentation of the author's voices and at the same time to achieve an adaption in culture and language.

Finally, we will be relying on you as the one who knows your own languages and your own locality to manage the "soft" promotion of the translated books: online and offline publishing, book reviews sites/blogs, promotion and more. We are not the right publishing house for you if you don't like it.

There is no upfront charge, with an attractively priced 20% of the author's fees for the translation, payable either every quarter or every six months. If a translator is not willing to work on behalf of the client, he or she should not submit an application. At the moment we are accepting requests for the translation of English into the following languages: We' ll be accepting other language resumes soon, so keep looking!

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