Book Publisher Rankings

Publisher Rankings

Publishing academically is a global industry. Is it possible to evaluate scientific book publishing houses? Biometrics in the area of evolution - Zuccala - 2015 - Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology

It is a publisher rankings survey conducted on the basis of an Elsevier quote collection, in particular book citations from Scopus historical periodicals (2007-2011) and meta information from WorldCat (i.e. OCLC numbers, ISBN numbers, publisher datasets and libraries). With these two sources, we have developed a one-of-a-kind relationship al databank that makes it possible to benchmark quotations against those of internationally available libraries or libiscites for academic book publishing companies.

First of all, we create a list of the top 500 publishing companies and examine descriptions of the publishing house types (university, trade, etc.) and the countries of origins. Subsequently, we identified the top 50 universities and trading companies on the basis of the overall quotations and mean values per book (CPB). A third study presents a card with targeted quotation lines between magazines and book publishing companies.

The work of librarians and quoting scientists is usually dominated by US and UK editors, although a number of specialised European editors are involved. Different cluster from the targeted quotations card indicate a certain level of regionality and specialisation, with some magazines producing in non-English tongues tending to quote titles edited by the same parental media.

Bibliometrical rankings provide only a small part of the evolution of the real pattern of publication; therefore, the development of new quotation indexes for book and librarians interested in the measurement of book and publisher impact is challenging. Comments by Jorge Mannana-Rodriguez and Elea Giménez-Toledo, Specialization and Interdisciplinarity of Scientific Book Publishers: Distinctions between Spanish University and Other Scientific Editors, Scientometrics, 114, 1, (19), (2018).

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