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You can get a stunning book publishing logo like this by starting your own logo design project today! For the book Don. Logo design for Tor Books Publishing.

Impeccable 50 book publishing icons

A few month ago, the book publishing logo business attracted our interest with the famous redesign of the Harvard University Press logo, which went from a dull stamp to a minimum screen that would last on both hard copy and ditit. The next finding was another revision of the Ivy League, Yale University Press, which omitted its unmistakable but confessedly dating Paul Rand logo for a more timeless and traditional wordmark.

From there, things only get better; the publisher sector wears some of the most beautiful corporate hallmark. Aimed at an assembled audience, these logo's, with strict restrictions on size (the logo must all look good on the back of a thin book), provide a prefect balance between fantasy and reserve - what many would call the cross of good designs.

What logo is your favourite?

Best Publisher Logo Designs

Most of us look at what the back of a book looks like, whether we sort our book by colour or not. However, there is one item - one that stands on just about every book cover on every bookshelf - that doesn't often get the kind of exposure it deserves: the publishers' logo design. They seldom make or crack the appearance of a book back (although I've seen some really nasty ones), but they can affect what a bookshelf looks like and what it is like to take a book off the shelves.

For example, in many cases they record the publisher's moods and give a hint of a book before you even download it: These are some of my favourite logo themes, which are divided quite properly into categories: animals(!), type and items. There is a surprise number of publisher-logo' s with creative ideas for some possible use.

Sometimes they are somewhere in the centre (like grey wolf and tofu dog): ...but partridge divers always hit a penguin in my book (ha, book!): Some of the most beautiful publisher logo themes (and those that tell you right away what kind of media you're up against) are those that put the name in the foreground and use type as their main creative feature.

Sometimes, for example, a fancy typeface is enough to say: "This baler is fancy in a very special way": Or, in other cases, duplicating the name - "12" and "twelve" - is the way you bring home the point of your news (publication of only twelve volumes per year): First one, MIT Print, could be my favourite logo:

Sometimes typographic sketches have room for other things, be it the addition of an item that stands for a single name ( "Rocket 88"), a comic strip wrapped around the name of the newspaper, or a cute, stylish little badge that covers everything: Occasionally these items are associated with the name of the media (such as Melville House and Two Dollar Radio):

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