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Use the navigation on the left to search for specific books in your degree programme or subject area. A simple step-by-step web application guides you through the implementation of your book. Cookies are used to provide you with an optimal experience on our website. You can choose between different embedding options for your website, from a simple, linkable page to a complete publication that can be displayed. Useful books that help to bring the Christian faith into everyday life.

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There are overtones, and if you are as faithful to an original concept as possible, the overtones will be there and they will be truth, even if they are abstract" David Lynch in the New York Times in his new book Room to Dream. In The Guardian's opinion, William McIlvaney's Laidlaw should be read.

Interview with David Shrigley at the Observer.

reaction books in German

Laughing Shall I The, the most thrilling book on Vikings in a single generations, is a courageous and fun way to explore their three hundred year reign over the North. The best-selling writer and radio station Desmond Morris investigates the nature and culture of one of nature's most beloved beings in this classical reaction game.

Phil A. Neel recounts the private history of a lifestyle on the edge of contemporary America.

Ríngo Rigid

After the sold-out hit of Postcards From The Boys (2003) and Photographer (2013), Genesis, Another Date In The Life by Ringo Starr is pleased to announce. Ringo's third book presents a previously unreleased compilation of his photos, which is presented and told in his own words. Especially for Genesis and Rolling Stones enthusiasts we are happy to present the Ronnie Wood setlists for the first to you.

Select from three new Ronnie Wood autographed versions. WEMBLEY OR BUST offers a unique glimpse into Jeff Lynne's ELO and celebrates his musically inspired visions, an offical book and 7" vinyls. Every copy of the restricted series has been separately inked by Jeff Lynne. A handcrafted, officially published, autographed book in a restricted number of copies that documents the Crossroads Guitar Festivals 1999-2013, with archive photographs and commentaries of the participating musician.

This is a serie of artistically autographed photo printings by Ringo Starr. Ringo has selected 12 favorite pictures from his sold-out book PHOTOGRAPH, which are reproductions of large-format works of fine arts in museums fashion. RONNIE WOOD: Artwist offers an unparalleled glimpse into the process of creativity of a rockânâroll legendary and shows six centuries of Ronnie Wood's work in every media, from his first ten-year-old assignment to his latest stone list.

Soon to be released is a book with signature in a restricted editions and an associated print gallery with the oils of Chrissie Hynde. With introductive texts and picture subtitles by Chrissie Hynde, HDDING THE BLUE presents almost 200 works of artwork, which are being released for the first time..... Genesis has been commissioned by writers and artistes from the Beatles to Buckingham Palace to create signature works in small series.

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