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Together with this letter I enclose my book suggestion and my curriculum vitae. You only have to fully disclose this in your cover letter. There are nine steps here to make sure your submission covers all the basics. In most literary journals, a cover letter is required along with your written submission. The reason why you should not "stand out" in your cover letter.

Tips for a great cover letter -

These are some ideas you should consider when contacting an agents. Don't use them as clues..... don't slave fully as if a frahling were spending their days criticizing your cover letter. Incidentally, we distinguish between a cover letter and an inquiry letter.

Letter is what goes beyond a longer proposal and sample chapter. Inquiry letters are independent letters that are sent to the editor/agent without any suggestions or sample sections. Preferably the cover letter together with the remainder of the packet. This is because a request only shows that you can post a letter.

One suggestion begins the cognition to entertainment that you knowing how to accomplishment a product. Please send the letter to a certain individual. Each proposal will pass across the named agent's workstation. When using a leader or an on-line data base of agencies or writers, make sure you have the latest information as your contact information changes (go to the website).

In February 2007, our head offi ice moved its postal address....and we still find that the materials are being sent to the old one. However you do, do not say that your book is the next Purpose Driven Life, Pray Love, The Shack or that it will be better selling than The Da Vinci Code, Twilight, Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Please do not say: "God has given me this book, so you must either stand in for it or make it public. A 4-part cover letter: 2 ) Use a "sound bite" instruction. A" soundbite" comment is the quintessence of your novel or non-fiction ideas in 40 words or less. This fictitious soundbite could contain the following:

Nonfiction soundbite should contain the subject or area. 3 ) Tell us why your book is unmistakable - who will be reading it. 4 ) Indicate relevant script details: a) state whether the book is ready (if not, give an estimation when it will be ready) b) length of the entire script, even if it is an estimation (approximately - round the number) c) relevant biographic information d) let the agents know if it is a concurrent proposal e) let the agents know that they can reject the proposal.

For an example of a letter from one of our customers who contacted us by e-mail, click here. Hold the letter on one side! One time we got a letter with an 8-point typeface and 1/4 inches border.

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