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Save your book suggestion as a Word document and attach the following information. It will help us to review your proposal and respond to you promptly. So Margot will review your suggestion* and give you instructions to make it as compelling as possible. The details of the proposed book/reference works: This application form is the first step on the way to the publication of your book.

1. Prospectus

While the following policies provide general recommendations for the creation of publishing ideas, you should contact the publisher in advance by e-mail. Inquiries that can be sent by mail or e-mail should only describe the subject, the writer and the reason for the book's written form - in some sections.

As a rule, your suggestion should contain the following four points: Prospectuses should contain the following: These materials are intended for critics and not for publishing, so please be as open as possible. Describe how your books resemble and differ from the competitors in terms of styles, timeliness and profundity.

Now that significant ledgers are available, you should tell why you are writing another ledgers in this area. You should cite all relevant publications, even if they only competing with part of your work. Does the text contain samples, cases, queries, issues, glossaries, bibliographies, reference, appendices, and more? Are you planning to make additional materials (solutions, responses, workbooks, lab manuals or other material) available to the work?

Who is the textbook for ( "laymen, experts, undergraduates, etc.")? Which kind of people will buy the books and why? Which new information will the notebook give them to explain their costs? How do you rate the overall print media industry? Please include any comments if you know of organisations or mailinglists that might be useful in advertising the work.

Which part of the materials is completed? Which is the intended length of the volume in words? Which and how many characters (drawings, halftones, diagrams, etc.) do you want to record? While we can use experts of our own choosing, we will also try to add some whose opinions you consider invaluable.

Try to have at least one critic for everyone if the product has several different market. Of course, we will not disclose the name of our experts without their consent. In this way, the authors are able to better understanding the contents and layout of the work. They should attach coarse drawings of all necessary pieces.

On request, please submit a CV in which you describe your training, your publications to date and your job-relevance. Rabiner, Susan et Alfred Fortunato, Thinkin Like Your Notepad : How to World Great Rabiner, Susan et Alfred Fortunato, Thinkin Like Your Notepad : How to World Great Serious Nonfiction-and Get it Released (Norton, 2003). Consultation by an expert author and author in the preparation of a suggestion and a script that will address the authors of specialist publishers as well as those of universities.

Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious About Serious Books, dritte Ausgabe (University of Chicago Press, 2016). This is a useful guide for academics looking for publishing by universities, including tips for contacting publishing houses, how to negotiate a deal, how to survive the process of reviewing peers, and other issues.

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