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You can create, print, share and publish your own books for yourself, your friends, family or fans worldwide. Learn more about CPI, the book printing specialists in Europe. You can sell through bookstores or your own website. We are so confident that our book printing prices are the best that we will show them to you without letting you jump through all the tires of other sites. One of the largest and oldest independent British book, magazine printers and binders.

Creating, printing and publishing your own book

They have the full property of your book. 0.00 start-up cost and get a license fee per copy purchased. There are 3 possibilities for your coverage type: Casewrap hardcover: Hardback with a full-color printing and a shiny surface. Hardback dust jacket: This is a hardback case in full color covered in canvas.

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and CPI, the leading letterpress company in Europe

We are here to deliver high value, low-cost, small print runs of CPI Quantum to you. The CPI Quantum allows publishing houses to place spots or full colors anywhere in the book - no longer limited by the case of that part. Color pictures can be incorporated into a previous monaural lay-out. Now CPI UK is offering new marketing opportunity for our specialist publishing houses while at the same time securing the lucrative supply of commercial and full-colour stocks for our clients in STM.

A CPI unrivalled combination of the HP T350 web offset printing machine and Magnum's Flexbook printing solutions. quantum is already part of the daily work of the European CPI Group and prints many million volumes. It is our 6th quantum - but it is our first in color that is monochrome, 2-color and 4-color.

At CPI we have created the next level of edgebanding: we are combining conventional technologies with the latest in book edgebanding decoration: digitally stained edgebanding. One or more pages of a book have historically been adorned with colour. Dyeing was carried out using various technologies and usually in a uniform colour.

First and foremost, the initial aim was to avoid discolouration and the ingress of dirt into the book. You can use the colour border to add pictures to your book that match the contents. This technology rounds off your book designs, from dropping bloody detective stories to the roses on a romantic, because you can use every centimetre of designer area 3d.

The CPI has production facilities in 7 European states.

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