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How the rise of e-readers has disturbed the publishing world and how the printing industry is reacting to this clear industry change. Simple self-publication with professional results. In the Golden Age of Printing (from the mid-thirteenth to early seventeenth centuries), printers were also publishers and booksellers. Sector focus: Book printing and publishing. Self publishing is defined as the creation and printing of a written work by the original author.

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HOW TO choose CPI: Do you need a book that is always available to your reader? Our clients require good quality book deliveries on schedule, regardless of the volume and timeframe for printing or re-press. Quantities, timeframes, delivery and packing: We meet all your needs.

Our strength is the diversity of our equipment: toner-based for print-on-demand, ink-jet or sheet-fed printing for small editions, web-offsetting for large editions, etc. No matter how much, we have the answer you need. You can follow all the information about your order in person with our easy-to-use user interfaces, Hwy.

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One of Hertfordshire's longest standing book printing companies, we provide a personalised and highly reliable printing experience with a focus on client confidentiality. Specialized in all types of printing and publishing, see below some of the products and solutions we offer: Publishing my book'The Inner Journey:

It was my first excursion into the publishing industry. Are you looking for a book printer, please contact us here, we can help you with all questions concerning book printing and advise you during the entire process.

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We at SilverWood realize that the first publication of your book can be a frightening prospect....) and she will be your practical specialist.... which means you don't have to `publish' to do it. Measuring the number of points that match an inches.

The print quality is at least 300 dpi. Number of pages in the book. Can be divided by 6, 8, 16 or 32, according to the printing process. Distance between print area and cover, also called inner edge. 13-digit international standard book number to assist the bookseller in order handling and ordering.

Every unambiguous ISBN is used to identify a specific publishing house and is only allocated to this one. You need one ISBN for each size, 3 ISBNs if you produce your book in hardcover, hardbacks and eps. Number of pages in a book. At the beginning of a book, before the text itself begins.

The page numbers can be in Latin digits, while the book is usually in Arabian numbers. It is not suited for printing. Styles, layout and look of print products. Imagery and the process of typing or computing and printing it.

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