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Plot-oriented, with a targeted series of events. That's the typical chase plot. This is another, easily recognisable, action-oriented action. They have excellent books on making effective plots. Plot strands and plot strands that I have thought of, but may never do.

Compose your novel! Pot ideas --

The most of the times, plot ideas are right from the fantasy of a novelist, and many authors are usually flooded with these ideas. But sometimes a novelist finds himself in a quagmire, and then it is important to know how to intentionally create new ideas for action. Every scenario is based on a key notion, and if you need to make an absolute, positive play of work, is the notion of a novelist from the classical days of evil attire.

So most authors have their own system to generate new ideas, and we will look at a number of them on this page. Is there a random number generator? In fact, you can buy what is called "prompts" and by completing the gaps you will always find some kind of action.

Is it a plot concept or a pile of plot ideas that have been created this way deserving of being written? They are very similar to the'when, who, where, why' style we have on the page'What is a plot? Meanwhile you have at least one plot concept and probably more than one.

So you can always come up with an action, but we would be careless if we didn't make a reservation: if you don't use your own fantasy and creativeness, such plot strands are synthetic, counterfeit, cardboard. However, do not count on it for your plot ideas. Mythology is a wealthy resource for action.

Each imaginable concept can be found in the legend of Greece, Egypt, the Nordic countries and China. A mythological encyclopaedia (the Larousse is excellent) is a good starting point. There are some great possibilities for action among these pages.....

As with mythology, you can also look at the classic ones. I' m sure folks will find it when you take the ideas for an action right out of the illiade; but if those ideas have been done great, you're more likely to be cheered than censored. The story is the wealthiest resource of ideas one can imagine.

When you have solid plot ideas, for solid fiction.... look into the story. If you are completely, completely empty, how do you create new plot ideas? It will become a fast-paced series of almost related pictures and conceptions (i.e., plot ideas pounded on you, one by one, to get you to let fourteen dollars fall on a ticket!) and the man spirit, who has a frantic need to make meaning out of the mess, will speed up and try to fill the gaps.

Their minds will make links, turn histories to correlate the pictures and ideas. They can do something similar with filmtilles. An image is actually more than a million words if you ever begin to question what your brain still thinks it sees in a film.

Every picture is not just a few plot ideas, but about a hundred of them - as long as you haven't seen the film! There are many more ways to find a new plot idea: daydreaming, fall in touch with the personalities of others and let them stimulate their own fantasies, intuitive lightning..... and old-fashioned work.

It is the least attractive concept of working harder, but we can have a little bit of pleasure here too. Like Mel Keegan uses pictures to verbally crank up the mind's capacity to interweave tales when you're not'visually inclined', you can use words. Let's find new ways to act. Reason always creates pictures in answer to words, and some of the liveliest are evoked when you are reading poems.

If you want plot ideas, open your eyes to poems. Next section in this search for a great book is about the plot's evolution. To get great ideas is the first and one of the most important steps. Things you do with these ideas is what turns fundamental plot ideas into gems..... or junks.

One of them had the same concept in a mushy novel about the femininity of boozing companions, bloody and carcass. They both began with the same plot ideas..... Plots ideas are certainly the beginning of the trial, and join me in the next contribution in this move of thinking, because I will take a taxi on the street to Tatooine!

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