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Planning your book

This may seem apparent, but you'd be amazed at how little money is spent on planning your book. You may have a working name, and you searched the web for covers, but when it comes to the contents, at best you have a few words, with maybe a few chapters of inspiration, but not much more.

You wouldn't be dreaming of building a home without a real layout; a detailled layout of how the home will look when it's completed; how big it will be; what each room will be used for; how many stories it will have, and so on. Well, the same should be true for your book.

If you don't have this degree of detail, you'll have trouble typing quickly and simply because you don't know where to start or if you'll be able to get everything you need. This was quickly resolved with my'blueprint strategy'. It is important to set the right basics and create the "Blueprint Plan", the detailled summary that shows all sections, sub-categories and notices. This makes the typing procedure fast and simple.

Notepad or another non-formatting text edit. Unformatting in the planning phase is indispensable. You can also design your book hands-free, but be sure to keep it in a secure place. There' ll be nothing more serious if you spent your whole week improving your handmade paper just to pour on it, making it illegible and wasted. Or even more importantly, you could completely loose it.

MINDmapping software: If you want to see the whole image at once, if you have the agility to move things and make your bit adds here, then I would definitely suggest a mind-maping-software. Many software bundles are available, from costly, powerful ones like Mindjet, available at; to free shareware like Free Mindjet, which I use.

Whatever you select (and if this is the first one you use this kind of software, you will probably have to waste some getting used to all its functions, but I suggest that you do it so that you can implement your idea immediately and easily), most programs are delivered with appropriate instruction or some kind of "help" section, and you can usually find more manuals on-line.

This is a snap-shot of my mindmap that I used for the book I am creating. They can see how I have scheduled each section and what each section will be about. Then I can append a complete and cohesive schedule to each of the nodes, which I can extend either in Microsoft Word or a similar application.

As an alternative, if you are good at speaking through your mindmap, recording your book verbally, having it translated and processed, then you are ready to go! Notebook: Wherever you do not find it convenient to use Notespad, you can use it to schedule your book instead.

It is remarkable that it is a really good notion at this state not to deal with any unusual formating problems. Letting the beauty of the layout, fonts and other formating functions guide you can be very distractive and timeconsuming, but it's a complete wastage.

In this phase, what you should do is make sure you are covering all the important points your book needs, NOT what typeface you should use or how big your sub-categories should be! This is an example of a Notepad map I used when I first had an invention for my book.

However you make your plans, make sure everything you need is on that one piece of hard copy. When you do this on a computer, you can then attach points or alter the order of your chapter, but it is important to do this first and then, if you are lucky, hold on to it before you do it.

Which software you use is up to you. It is important that this scheme is implemented in as much detail as possible. In some cases even longer) and repeat until you get to a point where you can just begin to write your thoughts and expand the paragraphs you have outlines.

A Alexa is a book coaches and type setter who is passionately interested in assisting his customers to get their book out of their heads and into the press. Born in Portsmouth with her boy Oliver, she divides the years between Canada and the UK.

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