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Favourites and reviews for Powell's Books employees. We are an eclectic team of readers with broad interest and strong feelings for the books on our shelves. The Book Picks list today is from Cathy Taylor of The Northshire Bookstore. There' s nothing you can do wrong with Reese Witherspoon's book club picks. Frankly, we would hire her as our personal book curator (and best friend, stylist/biopic producer).

Some of the best book for your book club: Book Club Monthly Picks

There' s nothing like talking about a book with your friend. Whatever your nightclub loves to see, we have everything under control. It' book clubs meet now! So if your nightclub has recently been reading and loving The Handmaid's Tale, we have a..... Irrespective of whether you are lying at the swimming pools or rolling up next to the AC blast, we have a recommended bookstore for you and.....

Reader, stop looking for your choices of summers book clubs. We have compiled a book catalogue of eight that will be on the shelf this June..... It' s springtime and it's the ideal moment to arrange your book clubs in May. If your team is interested..... We have two suggestions this months.....

It is a brief period in February, which could mean that you have less free than normal to study the book your book shop is collecting........ Will one of your 2018 motions continue to be great book readings and discussion with your book clubs? It' November is a great year for book clubs.

Autumn is probably the ideal season for bookstores. Let's be book lovers!

Personnel selection, personnel favourites and evaluations

Suggested by Michelle L. Suggested by Beth C. Suggested by Renee P. Aging Porno Queens Cassie Wright is planning to go into retirement with 600 men. Suggested by Dianah H. Each part of this book, from the transcript to the end, is so elaborate and fanciful that I know I have to study it a few more to fully appreciate its beautifulness.

Suggested by Brianna B. Suggested by Dianah H. Dianah H recommends. I confess: Until I read Time of Pi, I thought there was no way Yann Martel could make a whole book about a teenager and a lifer that were beached together in a rescue boat for 277 nights. You' re going to enjoy this extremely enchanting and memorable book.

Suggested by Dianah H. Suggested by Lauren P. A comprehensive and diverse compilation of cultural articles. What else would Justin Bieber do that? This is a private tale of Pacific Northwesterner William O. Douglas, who was a Supreme Court judge from 1939 to 1975 and stood up for the enviroment from the bank.

Suggested by Jennifer K. Suggested by Cosima C. Alters is a story of superheroes with a turn that makes the whole alter-ego scene more difficult. Suggested by Cosima C. Suggested by Brianna B. I am in sweetheart. Suggested by Rhianna W. A long-time supporter of Shelley Jackson, I was unbelievably thrilled to be reading her new book - and it even surpassed my high hopes.

Suggested by Jill O. A really amusing and exciting reading. I was addicted to Three Men in a Boat from the beginning: "Yes, it was wrote in the nineteenth centuary, but it is still so young that a teenage boy who was reading the book at my suggestion was thrilled: "I didn't know that old folks could be so comical!

" Very recommendable. This is a remarkable book suggested by Bart K. Dianah H. Ghost Boys! hodes is an emotional book that everyone should be reading. Suggested by Jennifer H. I knew I was in love with this book at the end of the first part. Suggested by Hayley H. Beautiful magic realistic.

I will think long and hard about the book M and about the humans. Suggested by Tracey T. Suggested by Tracey T. Vonnegut gives us a story of insanity in his familiar crazy, hilariously funnyyle. Dostoyevsky interweaves a secret of homicide, a psychothriller and a tight court play with faithful notions, remarks about the family's disorder and some bubble-forming scarecrows.

Suggested by Dianah H. Suggested by Kathi K. Every Friday, all six children in the Frau-Laverne group go to the ARTT room to discuss actual topics in their life, such as migration, race profiles and mobbing. Suggested by Jennifer H. Department Suggested by Cosima C. Suggested by Jeremy G. Suggested by Justin W. Suggested by Leah C. Suggested by Leah C. Suggested by Dianah H.

Suggested by Tracey T. Suggested by Tracey T. In this dark story about a failed church, a group of students ran aground on an abandoned isle. In Voyage of the Sable Venus, Robin Coste Lewis investigates in this stunning début compilation the performances of the African woman over the range of occidental music.

Maya M. Kurz recommends this highly immoral (for her time) novel by the author Françoise Sagan when she was only 17 years old, but cute. Suggested by Maya M. Suggested by Cosima C. Suggested by Dianah H. Brit Bennett's first album is a nicely narrated tale of profound loving and friendly relationship and unintentional outcomes.

Suggested by Maya M. Terrance is back; look forward! I was delighted, truly delighted by this tale of a teenage boy traveling to Iran for the first case to see his Iranian mob. Ashleigh B. In this funny, pensive and compulsive novel, Travel with a Lady of Insecurity and Obsessed Thinking to Trust and Self-Control.

Written by Jennifer K. with loving care from sire to sire: "Suggested by Jennifer K. Suggested by Cosima C. Suggested by Cosima C. Suggested by Jordan M. Suggested by Gary L. Suggested by Madeline S. Zack Davisson does a marvellous job of discovering the story of Japan's "Demon Cats" in his wonderfully illuminated book by Chin Music Press.

This captivating, astonishing tale of a character nee-weensex won the Pulitzer Prize in 2002. Suggested by Dianah H. Dianah H. recommends "No man is an illegitimate. From Serena Williams to Hillary Clinton, Petersen examines a series of renowned ladies who constantly re-define and redesign our notions of what it means to be a womanizer.

The " double-slit experiments " have confused researchers for 200 years. A pioneering character in the struggle for sex egalitarianism, Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka the notorious RBG) divides a best-hits collection of her writing (starting with an eight-class lead article!).

Suggested by Moses M. Macy combines investigation based journalists with a powerful story to show how the Opioid crises began and how traders, drugs firms, first aiders and homes are interwoven in a gobelin of heartache and desolation. Commended by Mary Jo S. Political Scientist W. Kamau Bell, his book features the same wonderful mixture of humour and comments that brought him to the limelight with such celebrated shows as the shows Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell and United Shades of America.

Suggested by Moses M. Suggested by Gigi L. Suggested by Rhianna W. Suggested by Madeline S. Suggested by Rhianna W. That doesn't seem like a fun book, but it really is. Dianah H. DeForge recommends it again. Commended by Haley B. Recommanded by Jill O. Commended by Jill O. Recommanded by Lucinda G. Stephen Markley's noteworthy first novel, Ohio, is a story about desire and abjection.

Suggested by Jeremy G. Suggested by Aubrey W. Detective Constable Cat Kinsella has always assumed that her dad had something to do with the 1998 death of a young lady. The fictional fiction of Jennifer H. David Hayden borders on the strict insights into the insanity and destruction of the external reach of cognition.

Suggested by Justin W. If you enjoyed the TV show Los, you might like this book. Maya M. Jamison recommends a distinguished essays writer, sharp-sighted, attentive and clever. Is the Drug and Other Dark Poems is an utterly exceptional collection of poems and other arts playing within the inconsistencies and points of intersection that arise from desires, identities and loves.

The book is by Cosima C. The book is by Cosima C. The book is by Roz Roz Chast, Maya's touching graphical novel about the life and the last years of her family. From the early poetic deserts of deceitful sobriety and great grandeur to Ibn Hazm's renowned treatises on the subject of charity, this book also succeeds in embracing great names such as Avicenna and Averroës and contemporary artists such as Naguib Mahfouz.

Suggested by Jennifer K. Dreamlike, sensuously lovely Prosa from another luminous source that we dropped in the Holocaust. This cartoon featured Jennifer K. Suggested by Cosima C. Suggested by Kate L. Suggested by Kate L. This cartoon feat sneaked up on me; I did it on page 25 before I realised what a thing of Tom Drury's subtle sense of shyness is.

Very, very recommendable! Suggested by Bart K. Suggested by Justin W. Suggested by Brianna B. Renee P. Far From the Tree recommends a book that changes the way you see the way you see the universe and your place in it. Suggested by Mary Jo S. Suggested by Madeline S. Suggested by Renee P. Suggested by Ashleigh B. Suggested by Renee P. Suggested by Jeremy G. With a fearsome chef of droids in the line and odd new regulations in place, something seriously odd happens in the Jedi Academy.

A new group of disciples is joining the Jedi Academy, among them Victor Starspeeder, the new child in the mid-year transfer because his old teacher saw him as a strongmag. Suggested by Kim T. If you like your noire with a mega can of the crazy, Cantero's sex-bending, globeflying, one-liner personal detective, A. Z. Kimrean (one bod, two heads), will delight you with her cheerful getting up from just about every ruler in the PI gamebook.

Rhianna W. recommends this reinterpretation of the genesis of the fearsome Ursula of the Little Mermaid. Suggested by Leah C. Suggested by Tracey T.

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