Book Outline Template word

Books Outline Template Word

I use the word eBook and book interchangeably. TEMPLATE; How to outline a book; Examples of stories; TEMPLATE: If I read my story again, the words will send the message.

Please send me several Word documents. A comic book outline like what's-her-name!

Outline your book with Word's Document Map

I' m still using Microsoft Word for my work. First of all, however, I would like to point out that this paper is not about which write code is better. Authors tended to have tough views on their favorite pen, but I must say, I am a great creditor in just use what you like best.

It just so happens that I like Word. Well, if you like Word and want to get more out of it, then this paper might be useful (or at least that was my aim to write it). This gets me to the point - with the Word Dokument-Map function to quickly move from sequence to sequence or chapters to chapters.

Not with my non-fiction and not with my literature. If you haven't used this function yet, you can simply activate it by going to the View page and click on the check list (it won't be rose - I've just emphasized it here to make it easier for you to see).

When you are in a new file, it will probably be empty, but if you are in a recent working file - according to how you have configured your style - you will see a whole series of headlines and other memos here. This is the card of my latest WIP document:

As you can see quite clearly, I have all my sections sequenced, and I also have memos about what happens in the scenes, and sometimes other memos, too, including things I still have to do. What does your card look like? Headline styles. While I am composing the paper, I assign my chapter and note to different headlines.

Title 1 is added to section 1 (for example). The scenedescription gets the headline 2 and sometimes I add additional memos with the headline 3. These are a brief instructions on which genres I use, although you should use them to see what works best for you: In the document card tree, the first header shows 1, the second below and the third before.

Or you can open or collapse everything under the headline style using the small + or - checkbox next to the headline. If you have a large number of memos and just want to quickly go to each one. But I like to use the documentmap so I can quickly move around my script by pressing the button on the lefthand side, which puts me in the right place on the right side of the page so I can use it.

You' re probably already asking yourself what will happen to these memos once you've completed your work. The use of the card is only useful in your designs (and I keep a few designs), so you need to erase everything that is not necessary in your definitive neat documents before uploading it to memory.

I' ll keep the memos until the last second. I think she enjoys having a good view of the book at a single look and says it makes her work a lot simpler. The other little tip I do is to take a note, such as the character's colour of his or her head, and so on, using Word's comment function.

Normally I only do this for small people ('cause I like to have my own scenes and documents for big people and places). It can be opened either instead of Word's Documents Map or at the end of your working paper. Hopefully you found these hints useful for writing your next book in Word.

Merry typing,

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