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Sitemap / Book / Sketch your novel. Authors often look at outlines with fear and trembling. We believe in testing as an interwoven task within software engineering. In this book it is about testing object-oriented software. An Outline Software for Windows that helps you think and plan!

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Writing your next novel, non-fiction, handbook or scholarly paper in MS Word is very easy! This allows you to administrate, process and combine each part of a long text as a single workbook. The Word windows are divided into 3 parts vertically: Links: Leaflets as a hierarchic structure.

This is the initial Word Documentwindow that will load the chosen link structure doc. Meta-data: synopses, tag, notes, and more. Watch what true people are saying about this imaginative and advanced authoring software.

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Authors often look at contours with anxiety and shiver. However, if interpreted and handled right, it is one of the most potent weapon in a writer's stock. Sketch your novel: Although you are not sure if sketching is for you, the book provides all sorts of important hints on storyline, texture and temper.

Contains exlusive interview with Larry Brooks, Elizabeth Spann Craig, Lisa Grace, Dan L. Hays, Jody Hedlund, Carolyn Kaufman, Becky Levine, Roz Morris, John Robinson and Aggie Villanueva who answer important questions: Are you able to describe your design processes? Which is the greatest advantage of sketching? Which is the greatest possible trap in sketching?

Are you recommending "pants" for certain occasions and sketches for others? What is the most important design success element? Have sketches help you make a better history! Go get the book:

Sketching, authoring and brain storming using mapping, graphical organizers and other methods of optical cognition.

Collect brainstorming thoughts and visual communication of conceptions to improve comprehension with diagram and map views. You can use the built-in outline view to take memos, organise information and write drawings, documents and stories, to concentrate on key and secondary thoughts and to make your thoughts clear in print.

Build websites, thought cards, mindmaps, concept cards, graphical organizer, processes and other charts for thought, organization and letter. Utilize these tried-and-tested methods of thought and study to collect or write thoughts, research and understand relations, and incorporate new wisdom with what you already know. Brainstorming or brainwriting, quickly capture your thoughts with the RapidFire software.

Start the typing operation by appending memos to the icons. Use the diagram view: Display relations between thoughts with hyperlinks. Describe the relation between idea and connecting phrase - select from a library of popular expressions or type. Easily organise your idea with the Arrange feature or build different trees and weaves.

The map view: Reorder and join your idea by moving twigs to their place. Structuring your work for scheduling and authoring. You' ll be taught how to make brainstorming and outline essays to help the typing proces. The Outline View lets you quickly build master and backup concepts and adds details to help you type for a specific use.

In conjunction with the built-in viewpoints, you can move smoothly between your thoughts' forms of expression, both visually and in text, to broaden and hone your idea and deliver good work. The Outline View: Convert charts and mindmaps to contours with a single click. Proceed with the write operation by creating themes, sub-topics and memos.

The diagram view and map view are updated automatic. Organise your idea and information with powerful sketching tools: Sub-topics and memos are moved as well. Administer your organization and sequence by showing or suppressing sub-topics and notices. Refer to the corresponding icons and links from the diagram view in the outline view. Leverage the rich set of data you've created in chart, map, and outline views and extend your work into more sophisticated and persuasive outcomes.

Create your own custom snapshots and snapshots from your graph, map, and outline views. Easily insert, copy, organize, and erase transparencies and conversation points to enhance your presentations and convey your messages efficiently. Select from different foil layout to optimally convey your most important points and visible contents. Easily visualize by attaching images from your computer and the web.

Take your own shots from your chart or your mindmap. Clear your points of views and help your messages by inserting links and speaking memos. Prints your transparencies in various sizes (with or without loudspeaker notes) for 3x5 and 4x6 card hand-outs. Show on a monochrome display or use loudspeaker monitors that display loudspeaker memos and other presentation information.

Easily create multi-media effects by adding video and audio to your charts, contours and presentation. Printout your work from the Chart, Map and Outline view and from the Presentation Manager. You can use the Site Skeleton to convert charts to HTML web pages. Exports charts and mindmaps as.jpg,.gif,.png,.bmp or.wmf file for insertion into other text.

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