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" An authentic experience" is one of those books I call a master builder. Talking of unpopular opinions, I find Blood Meridian pretty terrible. Children have strong opinions about everything from the school rules to the clothes they wear. Insert your opinions in a class register, "The Eww Review. Somebody asked your opinion on something you may not be able to judge.

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That book is Julia Quinn at her best. Simon and Daphne's relationship was easy to understand and the excitement was to see it blow up right from the start. I' m dying to hear Anthony's tale.... it's certainly a marvellous one! And if you liked this book, keep an eye out for Julia Quinn's former Splendid, Dance At Midnight (which will be re-released soon) and Minx!

Every book is more fun than the next! Juliet Quinn is invaluable and perfect in one! It is the best ISDN and SS7 implementation book I have ever seen. It was the first time I came across it when I wrote ISDN connection handling softwares, and I found the ISDN specification (aka Q.931) quite inscrutable.

That book gave me enough backgrounds to work with. I recently worked on the GS7 softwares and once again found that Black's book provides a sound basis that makes you willing to review the specifications for the GORY intricacies. It' small enough to fit the whole thing, yet it goes into enough detail to really tell what's going on.

That book was a really good book. It was like any other "good book", like killing a mocking bird. This book is just good. It' the best book I ever saw. I' ve identified more with this book than anything in my whole being.

I' ll give him my best recommendations, but be willing to think about the material he says its true deeply. Any musician deserves to be in such a book. I' ve been reading and reading solo again and I'm so happy that Marc and Emma have at last done the best of the current musical age.

Every woman in the book is both a writer and a performer, and what the photos and solo narratives show is that these are true human beings. There' s a lot of precious information about womens rights, societies and the pressure of living in this book, and I certainly wish many young folks would do so.

It is my sincere wish that Marc and Emma will keep up their relationship and publish many more of the same excellent work. A great book that gives a glimpse of how it REALLY occurred. The narrative of his years in captivity in the USSR after the two world wars, a destiny that was divided by innumerable Germans and that the vast majority of them never made it through, closes Knappe's film.

It is a book every serious historian should be reading - it does a great deal of what US scholars will never tell you.

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