Book of your Life

The book of your life

It' called The Book of Life because it's about the most important things in your life: your relationships, your income, your career, your fears. We' asked fifty of the best authors of today which book changed their lives. Looking for books that will change your life? How to Transform Your Life, a self-help book for free download, is a practical guide to everyday life and shows how we can experience deep and lasting happiness. I read this book when it was first published.

Personalized your life in pictures book

Global messages from every year of their lives, beginning with childbirth. Front envelope of the paper of her date of origin in. Type your own text for the receiver.

Christmas or a celebration, this wonderfully illustrated book guides the reader through the important and unforgettable messages and worldwide events shown in icons from every year of their lives, beginning with the date they were birth! It is not only a great present, but also a great way to remind the receiver where he/she was and how he/she felt when these times of the earth stopped!

You will leaf through this book in reverence as you reexperience your beautiful life, you will also enjoy showing your allies! The front page of this book also contains the newspaper's date of birthday, making it a very unique present for the big anniversaries!

The breathtaking book with bluish silken effect can be personalized with the name of the receiver of up to 20 signs and his date of origin (which can go back to 1920), which will appear in a wonderful golden embossed on the front envelope of the book. If you have the ability to post a mood on the first page, it's a great opportunity for you to post a lovely note that says exactly what you want to say to the receiver, so he can look back over and over again, along with the remainder of this book of reminders!

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