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The ultimate author reference connects you to the Who's Who of the publishing industry. These are the publishers of children's books. "The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) is the way forward," says IPA President Michiel Kolman (photo: All the films on our site refer to the books we publish. No, no. AgiAl Publishers.

The best of 2017: the publisher's year' s Top Literature | Literature

That book that my year made: We have two writers, both of whom we have been publishing with fierce dedication for many years. First of all, of course, is George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo, who won the Man Booker Award and took the whole wide globe by storm. 3. This book of ours deserves to be better:

I' m more than satisfied with the critiques (ardent) and sells (excellent) of Tim Pears' The Horseman, the first novel in his West Country trio, but I'm frustrated that no awards recognized this fervently wonderful and touching novel of country living just before the First Word War. It''The Horseman' is the first novel in his West Country series. We are passionate about this novel (and its continuation, The Wanderers, which we will be publishing in January).

Wish I'd made it public: With The Horseman, Sebastian Barry's Day Without End (Faber) has a lot in common - his humaneness, subtility and strength of story telling. There are also Sally Rooney's talks with friends (Faber), with her crisp, clear, crackly voices and the graceful feminine fellowship that reminds of Jane Bowles' work.

That book that my year made: He was a bustling man - he traveled around the world; he corresponding with literally a hundred respected individuals; he liked to dine, gulp and speak; he worked untiringly on his great sketches and works, which are still underestimated today. And he was also a lonesome man who, despite many good mates.

The book A Lifes of Arts and Nonsense, is witty, melancholy and artistically created - and its high esteem for his work has made it a wonderful book. And then there is The Secret Lifes of Cows by Rosamund Young. When I tell you that this book on ecological dairying contains a section entitled "Cattle are rarely by chance", followed by "But steers are another kind of cauldron ", you will know why I could not withstand.

This book of ours deserves to be better: When Yiyun Li is right to say of Zharma that he is the Chekhov of our times, then A Life of Adventure and Joy should have been a best-seller. Wish I'd made it public: The Gene: An Imtimate history (Vintage), which was released this year in pocket.

That book that my year made: It seems that McGregor has found a new way of working with the novel and a beat for his work that I have never seen before. This book of ours deserves to be better: "The New York Times played the trumpet "Move over Royal Tenenbaums" when The Mighty Franks was released, but despite mainly award-winning critiques in the UK, the sale of Michael Frank's memoirs about his strange education and especially the stifling relation he had with his masterful wife was somewhat disapointment.

I' m a little confused: only a few of my favourite novels have been so enthusiastically accepted by my dear friend, my wife, my father, my family and my authors. Wish I'd made it public: Talking to boyfriends, Sally Rooney's dizzying self-confident début novel about a self-destructive young lady in Dublin (and best last movement winner). Jospehoseph Conrad in a global world (William Collins).

It'?s all there is to Britain. Cry over. That book that my year made: The Dry, Jane Harper's outstanding novel, was a worldwide sensational, and rightly so. As soon as you begin to study, you know that you are in the hand of an unbelievably gifted author.

And I was very proud to release Celeste Ng's excellent Little Fires Everywhere. Well, I was very proud. This book of ours deserves to be better: It was Laura Kaye's first appearance, English Animals, as a really interesting, gifted author - she wrote so funny and sensitive. and I wish he had gotten more people.

Wish I'd made it public: This is the tale of the lives and murders of her co-worker Michael, who was convicted of car theft and given a 13-year prison sentence. It is an memorable reading about racial and societal inequality, and above all about Michael himself and his ancestors. That book that my year made:

This is the essence of the situation, and his last work, CONFABULATION, is a typical bear's embrace of a book: hot, lively, conspiratorial and full of hopeful. Given the great jumps in the evolution of AI, his 3. This book of ours deserves to be better:

Hopefully next year the pocketbook will find the broader audience it merits. Wish I'd made it public: That book that my year made: Founded on the beliefs that story telling could make a difference in the life of the planet, Virago was very proud to release Nadia Murad's The Last Girl:

This book of ours deserves to be better: Wish I'd made it public: There are two memoir I love this year - both about living, dying and the human being. That book that my year made: It' always very gratifying and touching to see a great author and interpreter honoured for his work, and this year it was David Grossman's time with A Horse Walk's into a Bar, who won the Man Booker International Award .

This book of ours deserves to be better: If you are an admirer of animals or not, this is a great reading burnt by an exhilarating new gift relevant to ours. Wish I'd made it public: Swetlana Alexijewitsch's The Unwomanly Face of War (Penguin Classics), translates by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, is one of the most exceptional works I have ever studied, and part of one of the most important literature works of the twentieth and early twenty-first cent.

It' s the verbal story of the Russians who survived the Second Woridewar. It is shocking, violent and beauty. That book that my year made: This " magic book " commemorates the relation between speech and life as a successful cooperation between author and artists, in fine protests against the decrease in the use and thus the comprehension of even the most popular natural words.

This book of ours deserves to be better: Sally Rooney's noteworthy début novel entitled Hands down, Sally Rooney's Consversations with Friends: harsh, classy and ironic, it shows the complexity of desires and sex with a clear and dauntless gaze. While I was one of several bids ders for the book, I have to say that Faber did not fail to publish it.

That book that my year made: This is Samantha Schweblin's Fever Dream, a strangely skin-tingling, exciting and I think absolutely ingenious novel, is a little book that has a great punching out. This book of ours deserves to be better: Martha Batalha's The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao, which I thought they would be selling her stockings, or sock.

Sainsbury's Magazine chose it as a book clubs reference, but the UK market was a disappointment. Wish I'd made it public: Homegoing (Penguin), an inventive, touching and intricate novel that traces two threads of a ghana household from the beginning of the slavery to the present day, does what the best novelists do - it opens a door to a place and era that seems as faithful to the world as you would like.

Also the lettering is excellent. Also, I used to love Robert Webb's scorching, touching and very sensitive memoirs, How to Be a Boy(Canongate) - it's a strong cry for a wider conception of maleness. That book that my year made: In retrospect on a rather epochal year 2017, in which we passed the 300 successfully financed project, it would be almost not possible to quote The Good Immigrant's pocket book, published by Nikesh Shukla, which contributed to increasing the overall sale of the book to over 60,000 pieces.

And the other book that made me most proud is the work of charity, The Paper Machine by Wolfgang Wildman and Jordan Lloyd. More than just a book with color photos, it is a contemplation on the past and present. This book of ours deserves to be better: Tatterdemalion, a curious and wonderful book penned by Sylvia V. Lindsteadt and illuminated by Rima Staines, is a compilation of folktales from a savage and shattered world.

Yes, it is long, bold and technically challenging, but doesn't the whole wide globe need more of it right now? Wish I'd made it public: This is Caspar Henderson's A New Map of Wonders (Granta) doing everything I want from a book. That book that my year made: It' s not often that you release a book that changes your lifestyle, but Gary Taubes' The Case Against Sugar has done just that.

I am sorry to say that my kids have been banished from our home since I first heard this disastrous controversy. We' ve released 10 of Diana Athill's novels, most recently A Florence Diary, her memorable memory of an ltalian trip in the 1940'. She is 100 years old; an inspirational experience for all of us, she is still working on and working on new works.

This book of ours deserves to be better: Magariel, a protégé of George Saunders, is a clever, impassioned young US author, and this début is a great emotion. It' s received great critics and quotations and I really hopes that the book will find a broad audience. Wish I'd made it public: An intrepid author with the ability to write the right book at the right time, Mary Beard is encouraged by her excellent analyses of the voices and roles of woman in contemporary world.

In addition, I was fascinated by Ali Smith's boldly aspiring foursome of modern living, and I liked Winter (Hamish Hamilton) even more than autumn. She' an amazing author at the peak of her game. That book that my year made: Published in pocket this year, this book sheds light on the disastrous costs to man of policy-making - something that was also the motivator for Adam Kay's This Is Going to Hurt.

It' also the most fun book you'll be reading all year round. This book of ours deserves to be better: Cunnell' s Fathers and Sons is a work of artwork built out of time. The authors liked this book because it recognized its pureness, its styling and its emotive response, and it was a Radio 4 book of the week, but it did not catch fire at the sell.

Here is the hope that the February booklet will help achieve the broad audience it merits. Wish I'd made it public: Each year my selection seems to be a novel by an Irishman, and this year is no different, with two at different states of her career. This is where he compassionately and intimately describes a long relationship, and all the hardships and conflict that arise in a couple's common lives come to their own mid-winter.

This year' s Discover of the Year (and I know I am not alone) is a young Irishman, Sally Rooney. This is a fun, wise, precise and often very amusing novel about living as it is now alive in Dublin.

That book that my year made: How to Be a Boy was a very rewarding book to release, not only because it was a No. 1 best-seller (although it was gratifying, too). This is a contemporary and necessary book that is successful both as a most amusing reminder and as an sincere, provocative and courageous discernment of maleness.

This book of ours deserves to be better: The Story of Looking by Mark Cousins is as challenging and insightful as everything I've seen in years. Wish I'd made it public: Favilli's Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is a book I enjoyed so much with my five-year-old girl, and I think it will be inspiring many other young men and women for the next few years.

The Underground Railroad (Fleet) by Colson Whitehead was the novel I was reading this year and it reminds me again why the greatest of fictions goes beyond any other kind of work. I' d like to have been able to help bring this work into the realm, but I' m also simply thankful that it is there.

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