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This is where BookMaker comes in. BookMaker automates the page layout in Word. Free-Flip Book Builder - The text file converter and Flipbook-Maker freeware, automatically generates a Flash flipbook from a text file, without programming skills. Liverpool City Readathon. Godparenthood for a student taking part in the Readathon - Donate books to children in hospital.

Free-Page Free PaperFlipbook Maker - 100% free to produce a lifelike textbook booklet in just a few mins.

This is an easy-to-use yet high-performance page turning tool (100% free) that lets you turn pages with your own beautiful and professionally designed page turning page guide, holiday page guide, 3d page guide, anniversary page guide, children's page guide, marriage page guide, page guide and page guide book guide, with Page Guide Maker you don't need to have any knowledge of how to program your page, just download your text guide, and then select the themes from a wide range of pre-set Page Guide guides to finally release them.

Import/Import logo: Import your corporate brand directly into your electronic output. Wallpaper: Allows you to paste any picture directly onto the backgrounds of your editions. 5: Thumbnail Browser Interface: Instantly view the entire edit with small pictures. Capabilities: Allows your users to bookmark your output to get a simple lookup and go back to a particular page.

Reader can reprint one or more pages of your output. Email: You and your reader can email the online issue to your clients, partners and family. CD-Rom version: Ship your CDs/DVDs to your clients for review and review. Find features allow the reader to find keywords, terms or terms; a handy index and links help the reader to find information quickly; a zooming feature keeps the pages clear, sleek and simple to use.

Your publications are updated with all the relevant information. Easily add/edit/delete pre-release contacts, audio and tables of content. They can take full command of the converting procedure and delivery settings, whether you are changing the reverse look and feel or inserting custom information. In addition, the flip pages are available for both on-line and off-line use.

Our easy-to-use user interfaces allow you to create a fully featured electronic publishing with just a few simple steps! They can open your browsing pages in any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile and you can even post to your Facebook page. You can then modify the import TOC.

You can use the built-in online search engine to advertise your Browse Guide. Publish to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. You can search your issue by keywords and give your readership quick and easy reload. Include your company logotype and colour schemes with your personal scanner to enhance your brand.

Google Analytics can embed the Google Analytics source text into any textbook and all stats are available in your Google Analytics accounts as well. Use Google Analytics to build, shape, control and improve your online advertising impact. Upgrade is always free.

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