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bookmaker app

The Android Book App Maker converts Word and/or text files into a flipping book app for Android. No programming skills required to create an Android app. This is Book Creator. offered by Bookcreator. The Book Creator is an open, creative and interdisciplinary curriculum. au and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Text/Word data in Android applications with ads/ads included

Allows you to convert Word and/or text documents into a free app for your mobile phone. You can add illustration, customize the look & feel, even modify the interface languages, set up text and privacy settings. It is easy to build an Anroid app without any coding skills. As stand-alone applications in the Android-based appliances, the applications run on their own with built-in searching, bookmarking and book-infos.

Conversion of both Word and text in book applications in Slide or Browse modes. Your app can be published in the Android Store. Font, colour, size, backgrounds, encrypted contents, headings, basic book information, book symbol, covers, etc. These are all features that allow you to modify the look & feel on Android once your app is in use.

Out application with the pasted pictures allows you to look, cause cookie and verify book/author information; more important you can make ad revenue by inserting ad services ID. In case you do not want to order conveniently with your personal debit cards, you can order off-line in the checkout area of the order proces.

As well as on-line ordering, we also accepts postal, facsimile, wireless and PO orders (if applicable). You can also order by telephone via our 24x7 order counter at 1-877-353-7297 or (952) 646-5331 for international callers after you know the number of the products (Android Book App Maker: 9891-135). There is an extra handling fee for all off-line orders.

In order to place an order by post, facsimile, bank transfer and order (if applicable), use the on-line order forms and then select one of these methods of payments in the section of the orderpayments. After you submit the programme on-line, the relevant information will be made available to you in your web navigator to submit your offline payments to us.

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