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Do it yourself book layout (with Microsoft Word). View the video tutorials to learn how to create a book template in Word and other software. Click Book Fold in the Multiple Pages list in the dialog box. Once you have collected all your ideas, you can write in a text editor of your choice, e.g.

Word. Obtain help with book design in Microsoft Word, Pages, Open Office, Word Perfect, & other processing programs! You or format the book yourself, here are some helpful guidelines.

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Our page sizes are continued with the overall preferences, and in this article we are covering the page layout and page borders. Select your Word file to open it. Saving your Word documents as we add formating functions and it will be useful to make them all in one documen.

If you have adjusted the page layout, the next adjustment is the page layout. On the Page Layout page pane, click the Page Layout page and then click Sizing. Click More Paper Sizes from the drop-down list (at the bottom of the menu). On the Layout page, click.

When you are making a hardcopy book, it is important to make your pages suitable for double-sided use. Actually, it's a good notion to always create your book this way; even if you create a pdf e-book (you could even use it as a sales pitch to tell your readers that the e-book has been drafted for double-sided print, like a "real" book they can then have Spirale bound).

So you can make different header and footer lines for the even and even pages; this can often be found in a hardcopy book. When you want to make a PDF book that you want to resell from your website, click the Other first page option. So you can add a front page envelope graphics that is separated from the remainder of your book.

Or, you may want to use the Word function for a title page. The same does not apply to the layout of a hardcopy book, as your envelope is a seperate one. There is no need to modify these preferences unless you want to make a specific book theme - something that looks very different from the standard.

There is no need to adjust the verticality at this time. If you have section or sub-sections in your book, this option can be modified and will be reviewed later. Do not apply the preference as it is now. Her book is still just one page. It is not recommended to use Borders on the contents pages of your book - it mirrors an unprofessional look.

We' ll talk about it later. Once you are done, you can adjust your page borders. Once you have defined the page sizes and layout, the next step is to adjust the borders. NOTICE: This usually happens one by one with all your page layout preferences, but I have described these procedures later.

On the Page Layout page pane, click Borders. Click Custom Borders from the drop-down list (at the bottom of the menu). Select the Borders page. Select the border setting in the corresponding boxes (see below). When you design your book for double-sided print (important for hardcopy and may be a good concept for PDF ebooks), remember that you should adjust your borders differently for inside and outside borders.

In the example below, the dimensions are for a book format of 6? x 9?. Using spaces makes your book more readable, especially when it comes to non-fiction. Therefore, you should not be thrifty when choosing your profit-margin size (or go overboard). Enter the top, bottom, inner and outer border dimensions in the appropriate boxes.

If the inner edge is the lefthand edge on a right side, the outer edge is the right edge on a right side. This trough is used when you want to bind your book in a helix. Once you have made the adjustments, you can click OK and review what your page looks like.

In the following chart, the inner and outer edges are shown. PLEASE NOTE: Usually the inside edges are broader than the outside edges to allow the weave. Under Pages, select Mirror margin from the Multiple Pages drop-down list. It' will auto-generate your right and right pages with the right borders as you build your book.

When your inner and outer edges are the same height, then this is not absolutely necessary - you can keep them as normal - but this is not proposed. Last adjustment on the Margin screens is the Apply to adjustment. You are done with your site design. Store your Word file.

The next article continues with the overall setting and looks at Base Font and Line Spacing.

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