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Home-care agency. A trustworthy support agency near you We redefine how maintenance is provided....

. We offer on-demand support to those who need it and the support staff themselves. We have a strict review and integration procedure that gives our customers worry-free entry to a resilient ecosystem of elderly and childcare professionals. We have our own in-house technologies that quickly offer our customers a selection of highly trained nurses who meet their requirements.

Before they become part of the group, all supervisors are thoroughly checked.

Work at BookJane: People Ratings

I' m very happy to work for BooksJane as a registered early childhood educator! Can define my own timetable, which works for me and in different centers and with different customers. Don't count on Boockjane, find another one. It' great to work for BooksJane, a great people. I have worked for many years as working as a volunteer for various firms and agents and I have never worked for a business that pays so much attention and strives to ensure that all supervisors get involved and get along with their people. 30-40 hours a week give me consistent feedbacks to help me thrive and I especially like their weekly competitions, incentive and recommendation programs to earn more cash and earn more awards.

The app is simple to use and the clients are always kind. Headquarters is a great place to work together and provides fast answers. BookerJane has many different layers and you will be able to work with your timetable and your time! Centers enjoy their work and their planning teams are very kind.

Jane allows me to work whenever I want. It' s going very well with my timetable. Flexibility of timetable, pleasant work! There is a very kind planning crew. Talentmanager is very quick with feedbacks so that I can develop as an early adoptive teacher.

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