Book Jacket Template for word Download

Download Book Jacket Template for Word

When all this is done, you can download a template specific to your book. You can download the right template for the right cut size of your book. Complimentary Starter Kit with Digital Book Writing Guide + Word and PDF templates Create beautiful and professional book covers for your books by downloading our professionally formatted book cover templates. The use of our templates is easy. You can download templates / layout instructions.

Complimentary book cover layout template for self-publishers

Designing a book jacket for a hardback book is one of the most demanding jobs for a self-publisher. It is important to work in close cooperation with your book printers to produce the cover art. Much of the critical information you need is only available from the persons who make your book.

The width of the back, for example, is defined by the size of the particular type of sheet used to print your book. Typically book papers are 400 pages per inches. It would produce a back width of 1. 0? for a 400-page book. However, a jacket must take into consideration the thicknesses of the planks that make up the case and the curved edges of the case.

Since the boxes of the hardback book cover stretch beyond the margins of the hardback, a 6? x 9? book requires an envelope that is about 9.25? high. As I said, you can't measure your jacket without your printers. And even with accurate dimensions, every press operator has his own favourite piece of papers, his own bookbindery, his own handkerchief or his own case cover.

Each of these items contributes to minor deviations from each other. A number of screenshots provide you with a template from which you can create the documents that will become your book cover. A few only give you sizes or formulae. That' s why I made this template: You can download a copy from the following links.

The example template shows the design for a standard 6 x 9 x 6 envelop. This jacket's real low-profile size is 9. 25? x 20. This template shows you how the size of your machine can help you build your own jacket art. "I always compute and use these measures to make guidances for my coats.

This will help me to visualise the different parts of the jacket and to check if the dimensions are the same. Like with my specimen, when all the vertical readings don't give 20. Usually, when developing the book artwork, the front envelope is created seperately and well in front of the remainder of the envelope.

The parts can be manufactured in one piece and then mounted on the template. I have added a downloadable PDF of this page below. If you want to make your own book jacket or not, if it is worth knowing how they are composed.

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