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A Top 6,237 reviews and complaints about I' ve been using for several years to book my rooms in hotels all over the world. seems to have the best deals in the city and I really like how simple it is to use their site.

I' m so lucky with that I don't even go to another page.

Thanks for taking the liberty of reviewing such a great book. It is our ultimate goal to make every visitor an extraordinary event! Soak up your journey! I' m going to give you a good review because everyone else here seems to be complaining. They had a 2-night excursion, and had a slightly better value PLUS, they covered day care and drinks for the resortc!

I' m amazed at all the bad reviews, but when you Googgle " reviews" or " reviews" (both VERY trustworthy sites), they are also very bad. Have a look at the small printout. Have a look at the reviews of the hotels you book. When it says "no cancellations", don't get angry and make a bad review if you can't turn it down without any punishmen.

We had a great deal of fun with, and yours will be too if you just study and get the detail. Hello Eric, thank you for having chosen and shared your experiences! We wish you a pleasant journey! was simple to use and the Grand Palladium Resort was beautiful. There was no reference on the booklet or the resorts' site about the kelp that has tortured the sea.

Mexico book. It is my second journey from I' ll be used next used. A good companion, no problems with the reservation of hotels and flights. It'?s a beautiful thing in my life. made it really simple and inexpensive to book my journey and they let you make payment. Todd was our reservation bro.

Excellent bookings made. I appreciate that he took the opportunity to book our other customers. We' re always satisfied with the result! In the past we got our holiday packs with Expedia or Travelocity, but we found that the rates are better with BookIt. It' fast, it' done fairly and it' s satisfactory! It' so simple to verify.

Why do I know that I can rely on these reviews on Please provide us with your details to make sure our auditors are genuine. Our use of smart technology to help us keep the ratings intact. The presenters of our site are reading all reviews to check our work. Each year we use BookIt to schedule our trip to Cancun.

It was always simple, straightforward and carefree after book. I' m beginning to use BuchIt for every journey we make. BookingIt has a wide range of accommodation, flight and extra services. This was the best of all pages and the reservation procedure was simple. I' m going to be recommending BooksIt to my boyfriends and my whole group.

Thanks BookIt, I can't stay at the Majestic Elegance Estate. Reservations were quick, straightforward and quick, the cheapest I found for this place and the DelayPay feature is great. Mail about resorts after the holidays in December, but so far very pleased with BookIt, as I posted with them for the first one.

  • She understood immediately the point of the journey to make it as simple as possible for me. After-sales services are astonishing! Last year we used BooksIt and were very satisfied with the results. We' re also going to book for ourselves and our son and our friend. I can' t say enough about her expertise and her attempt to find out the best for us.

Useful information on the website..... It was very simple to see what I got and simple to book..... In comparison to other tour website BookingIt was so much simpler to browse and buy my property. It' s great how simple and comfortable to use. I' m going to use Buchit for all my holidays!

Expenses, images and reviews are long gone. And, if the overwhelming part of the reviews is great, disregard the one that is either a snobby or just a bad one. As our schedules suddenly change, a very courteous and proffesional member of the staff responded to our inquiry to include two more persons in our schedules.

They took the additional amount of work to get our plane ticket and clarify the hotels for us on the telephone. It was the second year that we used BookIt for our tour-packages. Lucky both ways. Very cheap, but when I book on-line, I only book the airlines and was called.

When the first account manager was not able to find the right room, he could only see the two most costly rooms on the premises and said that I somehow had to book the room myself. WUNDERFUL I got back a call and got WUNDERFUL client services from a man who gave me a room with the same price pack and with the same approval on my charge cardholder, so I did not need to be authorised several time.

Hello Angela, we are very sorry that you spoke to one of our staff, but I am happy that it worked out when you returned your call. When you want to talk to someone about your experiences or if you need something else before your journey, please let us know.

Last night we saw a lot in our mailbox in Cancun and had to book it! This is because we have inadvertently entered one of our name''automatically'' and had to get in touch with our support team this early today to delete and rectify the name.

Thanks to SHARON and BookingIt for employing a great representative! Superior client support, immediately apologised for the amount of gel I had to spend. There was a great site to book my journey, really simple and many great travel choices, I could also see they have the best rates in comparison to many other sites, posting Barceló Grand Faro lots Cabos for an IM70.3.

We' ve just reserved our 21 year journey at and I have to say it's a very simple and pleasant one! We' ve always gone through Apple Vacations for our travels, but they don't book the excellence resort brands, so I was afraid to do this on my own.

I' ll continue to write a further reviewer after ourjourney. Thanks Bookit! In the last few years I have been relying on to book my families' mini-breaks. Make an on-line reservation easily and precisely. BookIt's people were very useful in using the chats to clarify detail and FAQ.

It was quite simple, a hyperlink was provided and all I had to do was just obey the instructions. It has been a great learning so far and I look forward to working with them in the years to come. So I phoned to ask about the kind of room I had reserved first and it turned out, after speaking to BookIt support, that we had a room that we didn't want.

We couldn't have asked for a better account manager for our journey. It' taken some doing, but I was expecting this. The site is quite simple to use. Shared users. Of course an early reservation brings you the better price..... We' ve been to Playa Mujeres twice and each one we' ve had an outstanding event and we really like it.

If we look at your reservation now, we can see that everything is clear. Should you wish us to check what you have given in your rating, or if you need anything else before your journey, please let us know and we will do so. Hello Samuel, We are always more than fortunate to help our patrons, so we are very sad to listen about your attainment.

To talk to someone about the topics you have mentioned in your reviews, please let us know and we will do so. I made a reservation for a journey to Antigua in March. It was cancelled and the next one was 4 day later, so we changed flights with another carrier so we didn't miss 4 of our itinerary.

Airlines are refunding $500 back to All the trouble and effort I've put into getting a straightforward reimbursement, I have the feeling that they should reimburse the whole outing. Please let us know if you would like to talk to someone about your experiences or review your reimbursement state.

I had a good one. So I asked the participant and what he said it was because they (my friends) had reserved their all included holiday one weeks before me.

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