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List and catalogue all your books. Administer a classroom library, eBooks, hardcover, softcover and more! Create automatically a personal book database according to ISBN. Simply scan the ISBN number and the application will collect a ton of information about the book. Includes a barcode scanner.

ISBN Scanner book list library in the App Store

Catalogue and enumerate all your titles. Integrated UPC ISBN bar code book scanner. Maintain a class-room libraries, eBooks, hardcovers, softcovers and more! Display, hide and enter information. Utilizes bar code sensing, data base searching and manually entering bar codes. - Open a free bankroll and save your book collections lists on-line in theoud.

Can be accessed from any iPhone or iPod touch anytime! - In sync with so you can organize your collections from any computer you like! - You can create a wish list of both new and old ones you might want to own. - Filters a sorting by any information box within a book. - View a cover flow to see all your ledgers when you turn your machine to the side.

  • Link or list look. Look at your collections the way you would see them on a brick and mortar partition. - Insert your personal data in a book: - You edit all book information that is inaccurate. - The high-res cover for every book. - Free full bar code scan (10 articles, then In-App purchase). - BULK SCanning to quickly and easily apply your book to the in-app.
  • Use the Shakes to choose a shuffle element from your library. View other applications by Sort It App / iCollect to organize most of your own collections. It' like disco for a book! More than Collectorz, Delicious Library, Book Crawler, Book Buddy und der Rest.

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Open sourced book cataloging software (source on github). You can add a book by hand, ISBN or bar code. Be sure to save and save your current catalog before upgrading! The book catalog is NOT a bookmaker. Would you like a wish list? Simply make a bookcase called'Wish List' and begin to add them. If you have problems after an update, please mail us (below).

The ISBN Database Software - Book Cataloging by ISBN Barcode Scan

I' ve already tampered with several competing software to maintain a library of my books - applications that run on both Android and Windows platforms. I' ve found Book Collector for Windows last weekend, tried it and found it to be the best thing in its category - definitely deserving of the cash you're asking for (and probably a lot more!).

This is really one of the most sophisticated databases I've come across in a long while and the very important GUI is really well made. Automated Picking List maintenance & automated Picking List maintenance capabilities are just the thing to make the tedious job of entering information easier, and the ability to list, view pictures, sort and print is excellent and very intuitively.

I' ve noticed that competing software has often broken when automatically searching via ISBN (especially the US developed systems), while Book Collector has done this very seldom so far - I'm surprised how often it finds detail for a book I have that is 50 years old or older & no ISBN (or even an SBN!).

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