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Books for young authors

For centuries, the book was unopened. When you have collected a lot of writing in your notebook, try the following ideas: I learned to write by reading great books. It is not necessary to travel across the ocean to find great ideas for stories. So if you start the journey in the area of writing, you will become younger from day to day.

36-plot ideas for your novel

Writer of strange novels for teenagers in many strange categories such as imagination (Blood of King's trilogy), sci-fi (replication) and dystopia (The Safe Lands trilogy). In search of new ideas for a lot? Like I said, there are no new ideas, just new ways of creating them. This book, Thirty-six Dramatic Situations by Georges Polti, gives thirty-six main quotes for all Theories.

As Wikipedia says, "The initial book in English was published in the nineteenth c... I' ve also tried to give a film or book review to get a good example, but I haven't always been able to because some storylines are more people. When you have an image for a storyline, but stick to how you can incorporate a powerful storyline, you may be inspired by these thirty-six possibilities for action.

Usually an unhappy individual asks an authoritarian for help. Authoritarian character is the main character. In this case, the savior is helping the unlucky one without being asked. He is searching for the truths. One convicted perpetrator, one refugee. He is the fleeing man who is often wrongly charged. One defeated force, one conquered foe or one herald.

One brave warrior, one to win, one to beat. Protagonists can be the abductee or the kidnapper. He may be looking for a character or something. What will the main character try to achieve his goals at what costs and by what means? An ill-intentioned relative, a hateful relative or a relative who hates each other.

Cramer v. Kramer; Corky Romano.14. Favourite relative, unwanted relative, the subject of their rivality. He causes his own misery (or the misery of those he takes care of) through his hasty behaviour, often looking for someone or something missing, or to satisfy his inquisitiveness. An aficionado, a darling, a traitor.

It can be a relation, a relative's partner, a teacher/student, his boss, someone who plans to rob him, but he doesn't know it, or maybe just falls in adultery. Killing of unrecognized Kinsman: It concentrates on the main character who plans to murder his relatives without realizing that his enemies are related to him. 20.

In this case the main character gives up everything for his own ideals. Some kindred, a relative, a character, or a thing that'?s been sacrificial. In this case, the main character gives up everything for a relative. He is a passionate admirer, an objet d'art, a man, a victim. All the protagonists sacrifice for their passions. Ex: Fled from Las Vegas.23. Need to sacrifice beloved people:

The need for sacrifices, a dear one. He is compelled to offer up a person he loves.24. He is a supreme competitor, an substandard competitor, the subject of competition. Favourite. Favourite. He is committing a felony because of his passion. Discover the shame of a loving person: He is trapped in a peccadillo against his mistress or he catches his mistress in a dishonourable act.

A loved enemy: Favourite, the dear foe, the Hasser. Protagonists fall in romance with enemies. He' an adventurous man, a desired thing, an opponent. The majority of the mythologies in Greece concentrate on this action. He is a envious man, an objet of envy, an alleged accessory, a cause or creator of error, a sneak.

Misjudgement: an error, a defect prey, a cause or originator of the defect, a culprit. Protagonists can be wrongly charged or blame or be blamelessly accusing someone else and try to blame someone else. Salvage of a missing person: The finder, the one found. He can find a missing beloved human being, a missing baby.

Losing your loved one: Killed a relative, a relative bystander, a hangman. If you look at Example 35, Recovery of a One, you can see how different two histories can be, even with the same base plots. Example 13, Enmity of Kin, Kramer v. Kramer is the tale of a lawsuit about parental authority, while Corky Romano is a play about a police officer pursuing his mafia background.

So, when you think of your action, think of the people you' ve already created and your core premises. Their action need not correspond to any of these instances. Utilize them to awaken ideas. The action can be based on a singular sign or a group of signs.

Perhaps your personality plans to kill instead of killing, then he won't. Some of these ideas can also be incorporated into your history. You see the action of your work here?

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